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Nectar Christmas Double Up coming soon!

Don’t go spending your Nectar points! At least not until 16th November when Nectar and Sainsbury’s are launching their Christmas Double Up promotion.

From 16th November until 22nd November you can exchange your Nectar points for Double Up vouchers.

You can exchange up to a maximum of 4000 Nectar Points which usually gets you a £20 voucher but during the Double Up promotion you will get a £40 voucher.


How do I exchange my points?

Simply choose the department you want to spend your Nectar points in and exchange your points for a voucher at the customer service desk.

To jump the queue you can exchange your Nectar points from 9th November onwards but won’t be able to spend it before 16th November.

You can only exchange your points in major Sainsbury’s stores.  However, once exchanged, you can spend them either in-store, online and at petrol stations.

No all departments are taking part in this Double Up promotion.

The following departments are included:

  • Electricals
  • Entertainment
  • Homeware
  • Seasonal
  • Taste the Difference wine, champagne, sherry and port
  • Toys
  • TU clothing

Once you’ve chosen your preferred department and exchanged your Nectar points for a voucher you cannot change your mind regarding the department.

More information can be found on this page of the Sainsbury’s website.

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  1. Am I understanding you correctly, can we use the double-up voucher for petrol?

    • Will Squires says


      You can spend them at petrol stations, if you are buying one of these items from a petrol station:
      Taste the Difference wine, champagne, sherry and port
      TU clothing

      • Thanks Will, that was what I figured but just wanted to double check as I’m new to nectar.

  2. Please update the article to reflect “maximum of 4,000 Nectar points per participating category “

  3. Is the 40k nectar points for signing up for the amex via the app still on offer?

  4. Just a reminder to all to keep an eye on the price of the item you might use your nectar points before as sometimes the prices are increased or returned to normal and then may be subject to a half-price sale in a few weeks time.

  5. I’m going to buy a couple of items of clothing which come to £60. Whoopee, I can use my nectar points to get them half price. Oh no, there’s a £40 limit, so my clothes cost me £20 of points plus £20 cash. = £40.

    Wait! A week after the nectar double-up finishes, there’s 25% off all clothing. So my £60 spend will come down to £45.

    Yes, every little helps. Oops – wrong store. Just saying, it isn’t as great a deal as the headline offer suggests.

    • Will Squires says

      >Go to the customer service desk
      >Get one £30 voucher
      >Buy one item of clothing
      >Go back to customer service desk later, or better still a different store
      >Get another £30 voucher
      >Buy the other item

      It’s down to individual members of staff to enforce the £40 limit, the system wont.

  6. Does the double up stack up with the 25% off when buying 6 bottles of wine?

  7. COD IW here we come.

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