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Get 500 Clubcard points when paying with PayQwiq

PayQwiq, Tesco’s app to pay for your shopping with your phone has brought back its 500 free Clubcard points offer.

Until 15th January you will get 100 Clubcard points each time you shop using the PayQwiq app – up to five times in total.

The minimum spend is £1 per transaction.

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What is PayQwiq?

In summary, PayQwiq is a new Tesco innovation which is now available in 1,300 shops throughout the UK.

It is, basically, Apple Pay with a bigger transaction limit (£250)!  And you don’t need an Apple phone.

PayQwiq is an app which you can ONLY use for paying for shopping in Tesco. This obviously makes it very restrictive.  The way it works is relatively simple although I am not fully convinced it is simpler than cash or credit card:

You install the PayQwiq app on your smartphone (Android or Apple)

You link your Clubcard number and one or more credit cards to PayQwiq

When in a participating Tesco store, you pay by scanning a barcode in the PayQwiq app. This automatically credits your Clubcard account with the relevant points and charges your linked credit card for the purchase.

There is no additional cost, or saving, to paying with cash or a credit card.


A generous bonus for giving PayQwiq a try

As the Tesco Payqwiq site explains, Tesco is offering an extra 100 Clubcard points with each of your first 5 PayQwiq transactions until the 15th January 2017.

The only two bits of small print you need to remember are:

  • you must keep the app installed for 14 days
  • the 100 bonus points for each of your first five transactions will be added in arrears

If you want to give PayQwiq a go, take a look at the details of this offer online, download the app and find a Tesco store near you that accepts PayQwiq.  It will be a very easy 500 Clubcard points.

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  1. Laurence Dalby says

    Does this work if you already made use of the same offer earlier in the year?

    • I’ve gotten 2 lots of 500 clubcard bonuses since the app was launched, so although not definite, it’s worth using it going forward and seeing what happens

  2. Jean Morgan says

    I would love to try this but still not rolled out in my area. I hope they offer a nice bonus when it does come to the Midlands.

  3. As it’s not yet enabled in berkshire, will do what i did last time, buy 5 packs of chewing gum in separate transactions when next in London

    • Looks like they’ve cottoned on to that – min spend is £1 now. I got something I needed and 4 bananas last time 🙂

  4. It’s there actually a list of the participating stores (1300?!} somewhere? The Tesco page takes me to PayQwik. The FAQ there has a question and says “at the following stores” but there is no subsequent list!

  5. Has anyone used it to buy fuel at a Tesco garage?

  6. does it work with amex?

    • Yes, I used it with Amex. It’s not the most reliable app though, it hasn’t worked 30% of the time for me, so it’s safer to have a backup card with you.

  7. Anyone else not really find it “Qwiq” to pay using this app? You can to unlock your phone, start the app, unlock the app, wait for the QR code to appear (50% of the time I find I have a delay for this stage), scan it at the till then the till seems to take 10 seconds thinking about it before confirming it has been accepted.

    Only used this last time for the bonus points, will only be doing so again this time round then will stop.

    • It does seem to be a terrible case of “Not Invented Here” syndrome, when simply embracing Apple Pay and Android Pay was perfectly fine.

  8. I used this app in the last promotion but still haven’t received my Clubcard points yet. How long does it take to come through? And also mentioned earlier, can you still participate in this one and get the points if you did the last promo?

  9. Are the extra points added immediately or at a later date?

  10. Small mistake in the article : Apple Pay has no transaction limit when the merchant has *actually* set up Apple Pay, not just standard contactless payments (which Apple Pay is also compatible with, and which do have a £30 limit (or is it £40?) )
    “True” Apple Pay will have a logo displayed : for example Pret does it, so does Boots I think.

  11. Can’t do this just yet at the Express stores. Went in and was sorely disappointed that ‘still unavailable at this store’ popped up when I scanned the QR code at the till (which was just recently replaced) at Southampton Burgess Rd Express.

  12. No good for anyone with a rooted Android phone, or Cyanogenmod or CyanogenOS. Shame that means I can’t use it along with many others….

  13. OT- how much BA Avios would I get for 2100 clubcard points?


  14. 3 shops done over last 3 days and no bonus points yet?????

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