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The Starbucks / Amex offer returns – Spend up to £15, get up to £5 back

Back in May Starbucks was doing a cashback promotion offered by American Express that was a bit confusing.

Now the promotion is back, but the rules are clearer.

As long as your Amex-issued American Express card has been selected for this offer, until 31st December you get £1 back for every £3 spent at participating Starbucks up to a maximum of £5.

Starbucks Coffee

The rules weren’t fully clear back in May as you could interpret them in two different ways.

The slogan said you got £1 back when you spent £3 or more. This meant it would take 5 visits, spending £3+ each time, to get the full £5 back.  If you looked at the rules, on the other hand, it said you get “a £1 statement credit for each £3 of spend” which implied that a £15 spend in one visit would trigger £5 back.

This time the wording is clear.  It says ‘saved cards are eligible for £1 statement credit for EVERY £3 of spend, up to a maximum of £5 statement credit”

What this means is that a single top-up to your Starbucks card of £15 will trigger a £5 cashback on your Amex statement.

The cashback is also cumulative over different transactions. If you spend £1.50 on Monday and £1.50 on Tuesday, the 2nd purchase (because you have hit £3 over two transactions) will trigger £1 of cashback.

If you are interested in this offer, you should save it to your card rather sooner than later, as it is only valid for the first 75,000 who save it to their card.

You need to go to the statement page on the American Express website for each card you own and click on ‘Offers’ at the bottom.  This offer should hopefully show.  You can also register via the Amex app.

If you have multiple American Express cards which are targetted, you can claim the maximum £5 on each card.

You have until 31st December to make a purchase or top-up in Starbucks and earn the cashback.  Online top-up payments do seem to count looking at feedback last time.

Unfortunately American Express cards issued by Barclaycard, Lloyds Bank, MBNA and TSB do not qualify. It must be a directly issued Amex card such as the American Express Nectar card.

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  1. Confirm it does work on topups, despite saying ‘in store’ on the offer

  2. Does anyone know if it’s possible to top up in-store a Starbucks card that is in Apple passbook?

  3. It has worked for me. I topped up £15 via the app on my phone and received a confirmation email from Amex thanking me for redeeming the offer within minutes.

  4. I have 3 Amex cards and this offer was on all 3. I’ve processed the first two without issue but on the third top-up the Starbucks card refused to add the top-up amount but on my Amex the transaction is showing as having been processed, furthermore, it has been processed twice. I’ve had the email from Amex to confirm all 3 cards have redeemed the offer.

    I’ve fired off an email to Starbucks and Amex and hopefully they will resolve it.

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