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Final week – Get 500 Clubcard points when paying with PayQwiq

This Sunday (15th January) is the last day you can get 100 Clubcard points when using the PayQwiq app to pay for your Tesco shopping.

PayQwiq thumbnailWhat is PayQwiq?

PayQwiq is, basically, Apple Pay with a bigger transaction limit (£250)! And you don’t need an Apple phone.

You can ONLY use this app for paying for shopping in Tesco stores and currently around 1,300 shops throughout the UK accept this payment form.

These 1,300 shops are in fairly tight geographic areas so you will either lots of shops, or no shops at all, in your town.

How does it work?

You install the PayQwiq app on your smartphone (Android or Apple)

You link your Clubcard number and one or more credit cards to PayQwiq

When in a participating Tesco store, you pay by scanning a barcode in the PayQwiq app. This automatically credits your Clubcard account with the relevant points and charges your linked credit card for the purchase.

There is no additional cost, or saving, to paying with cash or a credit card.


Get 500 Clubcard points for giving PayQwiq a try

Tesco is currently offering an extra 100 Clubcard points with each of your first 5 PayQwiq transactions as the Tesco Payqwiq site explains. However this offer expires on 15th January 2017!

This means you have less than a week to collect a couple of bonus Clubcard points.

The only two bits of small print you need to remember are:

  • you must keep the app installed for 14 days
  • the 100 bonus points for each of your first five transactions will be added in arrears

If you want to give PayQwiq a go, take a look at the details of this offer online, download the app and find a Tesco store near you that accepts PayQwiq.  There is no minimum transaction – I have seen reports of people who have bought items for under £1 and still received the bonus.

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  1. Can two people, sharing the same clubcard account, albeit with separate payment cards both get 500 points or is it 500 points per account ?

  2. It has to be said again and again : proper Apple Pay (with the Apple Pay logo, like at Pret) has NO transaction limit. The £40 limit is for plain contactless, which Apple Pay also works with.

  3. Good reminder, I got a new phone recently and can now enjoy this promo!

  4. Look at the reviews on Google Play – very poor app.

    Won’t work on any phone with Cyanogen based Android, OnePlus series, for example. Seems to think the phone is rooted or has malware.

  5. Just used it in Central London- admittedly with an iPhone. Bought 5 things in separate transactions each about a quid. Hopefully that should do the trick !
    Worked very easily for what its worth- in an IOS environment

    • I used a central london Tesco Express on 15th January (hopefully just in time to get the bonus) … the first till i used didn’t scan my Payqwiq barcode thing, but the 2nd till worked fine.

      I stopped using it a while ago – combination of some tills not working, and an app upgrade requiring me to log into app again. Maybe I should try using it again.

  6. I got the bonus on the initial promotion for this. used my own card for five transactions (bananas and newspapers). Deleted the app a couple of weeks later and then did the same using my wife’s clubcard. Got the 500 bonus on each account.
    Does anybody know if the 500 points will be awarded for this second round of the promo for those who have already received them?

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