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And then there was one …. E.ON leaving as a Clubcard earning partner

At the top of the menu on our desktop and mobile sites is a page called ‘Earn At Tesco Partners’ (click here to read it).  It lists all of the other companies who award Clubcard points, both Tesco-owned (like Tesco Mobile) and external, like Esso.

The list used to be quite long.

It is now very short.

Over the last few months we have lost:

TopCashback – you can no longer convert cashback into Clubcard points

Blackcircles – you can no longer earn Clubcard points buying their tyres

Nutricentre – the business (owned by Tesco but not publicly branded as a Tesco company) was closed down

and now E.ON Rewards is leaving as well.


Oddly, I don’t think there is a pattern here.  Nutricentre was closed down entirely.  Blackcircles used to operate Tesco Tyres until that was closed down which is why they had a relationship.  TopCashback, admittedly, was killed off by Tesco.  And to be fair to Tesco, the E.ON departure is not their fault.

Not many people even know what you can collect Clubcard points from E.ON.  It used to be an official Clubcard partner but that was dropped in 2013 when the company launched its own rewards scheme, E.ON Rewards.

Here is the interesting part, though.  There are only two things you can do with E.ON Rewards points:

  • Transfer them to Clubcard at 1:1
  • Use them for Bonusbond high street shopping vouchers at £5 per 500 points

Clubcard vouchers are clearly the obvious option here.  Not only are you not obliged to convert in chunks of 500 points, but it will not be difficult to use Clubcard Boost to get more than 1p per point of value.  Bonusbond vouchers are worth a flat 1p per point with no chance of doing better.

You can find out more on the E.ON Rewards website here.

E.ON Rewards is being closed down entirely from 31st March.

The good news is that, if you are tied in to an E.ON contract, they will give you all of the points due to you over the life of the contract in one chunk.  You will receive them by the end of April.

You will then have a short period to empty out your E.ON Rewards account.  I am assuming that you will be allowed to transfer your exact balance to Clubcard, however small, without leaving any residual points behind.

This only leaves Esso as an independent company still awarding Clubcard points.  That relationship is underpinned by the Tesco Express stores in many Esso garages so I am hoping that this deal sticks around.

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  1. Will Squires says

    Does sound a lot like the market is shifting away from these schemes. I’ve read read comments claiming that Sainsburys are about to pull the plug on Nectar and move to something altogether simpler too – although I’m not sure to what extent I believe that (my man on the inside knows nothing of it).

  2. the real harry1 says

    You should already have quit E.ON and moved to another supplier – their new tariffs are appallingly expensive vs the market

    the last good fixed tariff (v19) ends about 10th February

  3. Terry Leahy (former Tesco boss) is a major shareholder in Blackcircles. I think that may have had something to do with the tie-up when Blackcircles started. Not surprised this has ended given the change of management at Tesco and the issues he is credited with leaving Tesco to clear up since his departure.

  4. Yvonne Dryland says

    I am just an ordinary Mum who loved Tesco Boost, my points were saved up for Christmas and enabled me to buy some lovely things. This has of course has been cancelled now, last year saw me at a loss as to what really was happening to the whole scheme. Nothing seemed to be worth bothering with.
    Am I the only person confused (be kind) and is there any advice fo help?

  5. I am not sure that I will keep earning Clubcard points as the rate of return is so poor.
    I spent £66 on diesel and only got 22 points, why bother?

  6. My understanding is that there is a shift to focus on only earning Clubcard points through Tesco businesses. Part of an overall reworking of the Clubcard scheme. Boost was brilliant but the impact at key points in the year (mainly Christmas) would have been crippling. Makes far more sense to push customers to redeem through partners where they carry the cost.

  7. I’m glad I switched to the tariff earning 5000 cc pts without any exit penalties last year, as soon as points hit my account I switched to a lot cheaper package with another provider.

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