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Reviews of Nectar redemptions worth more than 0.5p per point – Caffe Nero

+++ Caffe Nero is no longer a Nectar redemption partner +++

There is a page at the top of the Shopper Points menu marked ‘Earn Free Points‘ – email readers can click here.  On that page is a list of the few Nectar redemptions which claim to offer more than 0.5p per point of value.

Not all of these deals are as good as they claim, however.

Over the next few weeks we are looking at each of these deals and deciding if you are genuinely getting extra value for your Nectar points when you redeem them.

I started the series looking at whether redeeming Nectar points for PhotoBox credit is a good deal.  Today I turn my sights on Caffe Nero.

Caffe Nero and Nectar

The Caffe Nero redemption deal with Nectar has been running for a while now.  It was meant to be a temporary offer but there is now no expiry date showing.

Here are details of the Nectar redemption deal with Caffe Nero.

The deal is simple.

You redeem 350 Nectar points for any:

  • Caffè Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Macchiato
  • Americano
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Flat White
  • Tea
  • Frappe Milkshake
  • Frappe Latte
  • Frappe Crème
  • Fruit Booster
  • Italian Iced Lemonade

at a Caffe Nero store.

Here is one tweak many people miss.  The deal is valid on any size of drink.  If you are using a voucher, order a large size!  Extra shots or syrups will be charged.

Caffe Nero

The good news is that this discount is ‘genuine’.  There is no other open-to-all way to get a discount on a Caffe Nero drink (although American Express is currently offering 10% cashback to selected cardholders) so you are saving the full retail price.

You even receive a Caffe Nero ‘stamp’ on your loyalty card with your free drink, as you would if you paid cash.

The deal is also easy to use.

You redeem online and receive an email with a voucher code in it.  (You CANNOT take your Nectar card into a Nero store and swipe it.)

You don’t need to print off the code as there is no bar code to scan.  It is OK to show the email on your phone to the barista.

The barista types the code into the till and it is immediately validated.  You’re good to go!

The code is valid for 12 months so there is no rush to redeem.

What sort of value can you get here?  Well, given the standard Nectar redemption value of 0.5p per point, any drink costing over £1.75 is getting you a better deal than normal.

If you go for a large capuccino at, say, £2.65 then you would be receiving 0.75p per Nectar point.  That is good enough for me.  With some of the frappe drinks you may be hitting £3 for a large size.

The next article in this series will look at Pizza Express.  Do you genuinely get 1p per point of value when you redeem for Pizza Express gift vouchers?

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  1. Note, also, that you can get a free caffe nero hot drink every Tuesday afternoon on O2 Priority (and also get a stamp), and zeek has CN vouchers for 8% discount at the moment. Only annoyance with Zeek is that you can’t use Amex. But otherwise the process works well.

  2. Anika, Nectar Swim should be removed from the page with best Nectar redemptions. Nectar stopped it from October 2016.

  3. Note that Virgin Red’s usual 2-for-1 will beat this if there’s two of you buying together.

  4. Slighty OT but if you are using Avios registered cards to get your drinks at Café Nero check your account as they’ve changed the reward. It was 10 Avios per £1 now its UP TO 10 Avios per £1 based on your spend. Logging in will give you your rate. I used it twice end of last year and had 3 weeks off in Jan where there are no Nero’s near me. My rate is now 1 Avios per £1…….

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