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Swipe and Win at Sainsbury’s from TODAY! You are guaranteed to win Nectar points!

I wrote about this ‘you can’t lose’ Sainsbury’s prize draw on Tuesday but as Swipe and Win starts TODAY, I wanted to remind you not to forget your Nectar card at home when going to Sainsbury’s this weekend.

swipe and win

From today until 23:59 on 5th February (ie Sunday) you will receive a Swipe and Win coupon with every transaction over £10 in store or online.

This also works on petrol purchases!

You are GUARANTEED to win between 200 and 5,000 Nectar points when swiping your Nectar card.

You will win either 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500 or 200 Nectar points. Even if you get the smallest prize – which is likely! – you are getting £1 back on a £10 spend.

Of course there is some small print attached to this promotion:

  • Sainsbury’s Central and Local are excluded
  • Selected petrol stations are also excluded (check the website to find out which ones)
  • Qualifying spend excludes spirits and liqueurs, first stage baby milk products, National Lottery, Tobacco, gift vouchers, gift cards, prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, postage stamps, savings stamps, mobile phone vouchers, phone cards, e top-up, pay point payments, charity products and car park tickets
  • The Swipe and Win voucher cannot be redeemed online

However there is no limit on the number of entries. If you’ve got a lot of time you could do your big shop in smaller chunks (each over £10) and receive a Swipe and Win coupon with every transaction.

If you are filling up your car, buying petrol in £10 chunks means a 10% discount on your fuel!

The coupon has to be handed to a cashier or placed in a self-scan collection slot by 19th February to redeem your points – although it makes sense to redeem it on the spot if you’re not in a hurry.

Please post a comment here if you win a prize over 200 points!

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  1. Sanya Agarwal says

    I filled up petrol twice this morning and only got 200 points each time. I had much better luck last time with a 1000 and 2000.

  2. For those of us living in Northern Ireland we can also get one free go by sending an by 23:59 on 5 February 2017 with your contact details and Nectar card number, I got £10 via this last time.
    Also the Coleraine and Ballymena petrol stations are not included. If you are wondering why. It is because they are not able to print the coupons.

    Good luck

    • Forestside petrol station is also excluded. Be careful if going through self-scan, if the printer is out of paper you won’t be getting anything

  3. Can you pay with nectar and still receive the coupon?

  4. 1000 points at lunchtime! First time lucky, I guess.

  5. Got nothing at all for my purchase at Aberdeen Berryden Store. Went to customer sevices to be told they don’t know why but that is sometimes happening and that I have to speak to nectar on the telephone but I can use their phone! Spoke on the phone to be told they don’t know why one wasn’t given out but they will look into it and call me in 14 days!

  6. Ian Richardson says

    5000 points at sainsbury petrol station York! Only put £10 in!

    • Snap we got 5000 for £10 of petrol and found a 500 pts one on the ground !

      • Premgenius says

        Nice one! on the 5000 but you won’t be able to use the 500 one as pe the T&Cs on the back you must present the Nectar card the 500 were issued which must match the Nectar number written in front on the top of the 500 voucher

        • I doubt they’d bother checking the Nectar card numbers, but if in doubt just use it at the self service.

        • We got it added no problem using our card – did some more today but mostly 200 pts – got 1000 and 2x 500 plus triggered some app offers too – made over 12500 this weekend toward some easyJet flight!

          • Well done Liz, that’s fantastic! I did another 5 shops/fill-ups today, each and every one a miserly 200 points.

            I’m a bit gutted this one is not as generous as last year, I got a good mix of values before and they went a long way towards an easyjet flight I was booking.

  7. 3 x 200 points today, not doing so well as last year.

    Hoping for more tomorrow!

  8. Most Local stores are not involved so it’ll be hard to collect in big city centres.

  9. only got 2 x 200 so far – last time I was getting 1000 and 2000 every time ! Wonder if it’s really random or it’s based on how big a nectar balance one has !

  10. geoffthesaint says

    little OT
    How do I transfer the Nectar points from the Amex account received for the sign up bonus to my Nectar account for use?

  11. October promotion
    Available prizes are: 47,000 prizes of 5000 Nectar points, 862,000 prizes of 2000 Nectar points, 766,000 prizes of 1000 Nectar points, 1.7 million prizes of 500 Nectar points

    Current promotion
    Available prizes are: 27,649 prizes of 5000 Nectar points, 165,892 prizes of 2000 Nectar points, 387,082 prizes of 1000 Nectar points, 580,623 prizes of 500 Nectar points

    • Thanks for posting this, it’s dissapointing they’ve diluted the promotion so much, effectively reducing prizes by nearly two thirds.

  12. “The coupon has to be handed to a cashier or placed in a self-scan collection slot by 19th February to redeem your points – although it makes sense to redeem it on the spot if you’re not in a hurry.”

    i tried using the cigarette counter staff member to put my 200 bonus points onto my account straight away (since there wasn’t anybody waiting) … but she seemed not to have seen any of the bonus vouchers before … and said that i had to be buying something.

  13. Just split a £50 weekend shop into x5 transactions and received 2000 x1, 500 x2 and 200 x2.

    Effectively a £17 rebate on a £50 purchase!

  14. Three visits in three days. I thought the first voucher said 500, but it must have been 5 000, since that is what I got. Second voucher was 500. My partner wanted to do it today – she is the gambler – but only got 200 – and they overcharged one item – reduced to clear bar code did not scan and did not notice until too late..Still a pretty good return on £37 shopping.

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