Tesco is closing The Orchard – another route to free Clubcard points disappears

If you haven’t heard of The Orchard before, I’m sorry to bring the news that you will never find out what a great concept it was.

The Orchard was, like BzzAgent, a Tesco-owned product sampling company.

Only Clubcard members were able to sign up.  The aim was for Tesco to get feedback on new products in return for giving you free samples and free Clubcard points.

The Orchard

An email sent out to The Orchard members this week informed of the decision to close down the program by 31st March and instead focus on in-store sampling.

Further the email promised that Tesco would “continue to offer you rewards through Tesco Clubcard – with lots more exciting activity planned for this year.”

Let’s wait and see how exciting this will be.

In the meantime you can still get free product samples when signing up with BzzAgent.  You can no longer get free Clubcard points for testing products via BzzAgent, however – that deal was withdrawn last March.

Thanks to Andrew for this news.

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  1. Never did get form them though

  2. Trevor Gardiner says

    Not surprised. In my experience it was a total waste of time. Endless surveys, requests to involve colleagues etc etc. I joined at the start and had one sample. Good riddance IMHO.

  3. I did get some really good coupons from them, £5 for a finest chicken and the same for a finest desert to try came in very handy at Christmas. Also got some club card points reviewing the items which were always good in our opinion. So we will miss them, do not get the coupons on Tesco Clubcard account anymore haven’t had any for years, seems on enquiring they are concentrating on offering lower prices to compete with Aldi/lidl and not looking after their loyal customers. A great mistake in my opinion .

  4. Clubcard redemptions with third parties remain very attractive but the earning opportunities are getting fewer and fewer. Very few bonus points on grocery shopping and most of the other earning sources – Orchard, TopCashBack are being dropped.

    It’s starting to look like Tesco are slowly trying to kill off Clubcard.

  5. Kerry Kenton-clarke says

    I signed up for this quite some time ago – never got any offers or samples so it won’t exactly be a great loss!

  6. 1nfrequent says

    I won’t miss this. I only ever got vouchers at Christmas and you were hassled to promote (“talk about”) their products with friends and family and post your thoughts across all your social media accounts. They would have done a lot better had they done what Amazon do and used it as a way of getting product reviews on the actual grocery site so that they could attract more attention from on-line shoppers.

    Always seemed to me that they had no idea what to do with it.

  7. I had loads of freebies from this, it will be sadly missed. Average was a £5 voucher towards whatever was being promoted, meat, cheese, desert, veges etc, all in exchange for a tweet or two.

    • The Xmas ones were the best with MOC’s on finest party food where you would get 3 for 2 for £2 using the £5 off then use the pass along £1 Moc to bring it down to £1.
      The finest meats Mocs a few years back was the best for me, finest honey glazed gammon on special deal, used £5 Moc and paid 98p. Boxing day was sorted.

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