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Stocard – Can this app really replace your plastic loyalty cards?

We’ve come across an app that promises to replace all of our plastic loyalty cards!

It sounds too good to be true….

……. so I downloaded the app to test it out.

The app is called Stocard and is available for iOS and Android.


How to add your loyalty cards

Adding cards is super simple and quick.

Click on the + in the top right corner of the Stocard screen and you will see a list of loyalty cards. Some of these might seem unfamiliar as the app is available in 42 countries – don’t worry about that.

You can either choose a card from the list or scan a barcode by clicking on ‘Other card’.  If your card won’t scan you can add it manually.

These are the first four I added as they were in my wallet at the time of downloading the app – Boots, Harrods, Nectar and Waitrose.  (I’m currently waiting for a new Clubcard as I lost my old one and as I don’t know my number by heart!)

Stocard one

If you log into your account you can see your points balance and your recent transactions:

Stocard four

You can also see special offers on your app and read for example the Tesco magazine and special  IKEA catalogues:

Stocard two

Using Stocard in store

Now onto the most important question:

Does this app really replace my cards? Can every shop scan my card using the app?

The answer is, “it depends”.

I tried the app at my local Sainsbury’s, asking the cashier to scan the barcode on my iPhone screen – and it didn’t work.

She wasn’t too happy having to manually enter my long card number.  I reckon I will put my Nectar card back into my wallet.

However, when I tried the app in Boots the scanner had no problems reading my screen.

So, can I get rid of my plastic cards?

Well, you can at least get rid of some of your cards!

To be on the safe side I would upload your loyalty cards and then go to your local store to check whether or not the scanners can read the barcode on the screen.  It may even vary from branch to brach – as many shops still seem to have old scanners you will have to continue carrying some of your cards around.  Hopefully not for much longer though!

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  1. Genghis says

    I like a light wallet, something quite difficult for a points collector. PayQwik at Tesco comes in handy, currently linked to Tesco debit card for 1 cc point / £ spend.

    • really annoying with me though, won’t work as it suggests my phone is rooted. no other app complains about that including banking and credit cards

  2. I’ve tried a couple of times in the past at Sainsbury’s with different phones – no joy.

    I’ve added gift cards too in the past and had success with these, like Sports Direct.

    Since Boots cards don’t have barcode (mine, anyway), didn’t think this would work, so didn’t add, but will do as never carry card hence never have for the occasional visit. Handy tip, thanks, Anika.

    Haven’t tried Tesco, but will do with clubcard and gift card next chance.

    • PS I think it’s a great app – pity that some stores’ technology can’t keep up. Also great that it backs up and auto restores cards so only need to be scanned once ever and can be shared between partners.

  3. Guesswho2000 says

    This has been in the App Store here (Australia) and I’ve been using it for a while, it’s a godsend since every shop seems to have a loyalty scheme I’m a member of!

  4. Roger I* says

    About the poor Sainsburys experience, our local branch doesn’t even take contactless payment cards. 🙁

  5. Interesting. I try to minimise the number of apps I have on my phone (and the cards in my wallet) and have added most of my loyalty cards on Android Pay instead. It works most of the time but I have had problems at Sainsbury’s as well.

  6. If the scanner is having trouble reading the barcode – try turning up the brightness on the phone.
    A lot of scanner have problems with low-brightness, reflective screens.

  7. I’ve been using this app for nearly two years. It always works in Sainsbury’s when they use the hand scanners.
    I haven’t tried Ikea since it doesn’t have a barcode.
    I scanned in my national trust card, looks ok but carrying my card just in case!!

  8. Yep, this app has been around for a couple of years now – unfortunately I found it wasn’t any good with the Tesco self-scan machines (although perhaps better now with scanners being updated to accept PayQwiq). Android Pay also lets you add store cards to it in many cases.

  9. Don’t throw away your plastic loyalty cards!!

    Some schemes where you can redeem in store, such as Nectar, Boots and Waterstones have had to revert to seeing your physical card for redemptions due to fraud (people entering other card numbers into the app or simply using a barcode app to create a fraudulent barcode).

    Regarding the scanners, the older scanners which use a “red laser line” cannot scan from phones.

  10. Simon Fisher says

    I have had this a while. Like you my Sainsbury’s couldn’t read the bar code but Ikea and Boots worked fine as did KFC, but I tend to use the KFC app nowadays.

    My biggest problem is remembering I have it on my phone.

  11. how would you compare against Bing?

  12. It may also depend on phone brightness, sometimes they need to be at a bright level to be able to distinguish the barcodes to the scanner.

  13. I cannot log into your account and see my points balance and recent transactions. The “Forgot Password” option doesn’t work either. Any ideas from anyone who has had this app for a while.

  14. Sorry, “my” account , not “your” account!

  15. The_Real_A says

    Its a great app, have been using it for a few years now. As others have said the retailer needs a camera based CCD barcode reader for it to work. Most places have upgraded their scanners as they have rolled out their own apps so its no longer the issue it was a few years ago.

  16. Been using the app for a while and have dispensed with all cards. Yes it’s sometimes a pain if they have to type the number in but it’s usually possible. It depends whether the scanner uses red laser light to reflect off the barcode (doesn’t work) or is actually image based, where it does work. Stocard also has an applewatch app too which is pretty convenient.

  17. I have been using it for about a year or more. Same issues at Sainsbury’s as others are saying. Harrods told me that it is fine to use it for accumulating points, however if I am to want to redeem, I need to have a “real” card. Otherwise pretty good to know that if I forget my cards, they are all in my phone.

  18. Is Stocard any different to BINK which was promoted on HFP not that long ago?

    • BINK aims to link your loyalty cards to your payment card which means you can automatically collect your points.
      When using Stocard you still need to have your phone with the store’s loyalty card scanned.

      • Thanks Anika
        So in essence are you saying BINK does the same with less hassel?

        • Once it’s fully working, yes. However at the moment Bink is more like Stocard with the additional benefit of linking your Avios account and collecting Avios at Pizza Express when using the payment card linked to your account.

  19. I use keyring app which is similar, though it more for the american market, but occasionally I get UK offers.
    If you use Starbucks App to pay, the screen goes bright for the payment page – so turn the brightness up on your phone & try again

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