1,000 bonus Clubcard points with HP inks! Stocks very low but will return.

(EDIT:  Tesco appears to have pulled this offer during Monday morning, even though it was meant to run until late June!)

Over the weekend, Tesco Direct launched a very generous new offer on HP printer inks.

The deal is so good that it could even be a mistake, although I would have expected it to be corrected by now.

You receive 1,000 Tesco Clubcard points for every HP printer ink you buy.  1,000 points would be worth £30+ if redeemed for a good Clubcard Boost deal (Goldsmiths, Safestore etc) but the cartridges themselves start at just £10!

Even better, you will find that these cartridges sell well on eBay so you should be able to recoup much of your outlay.  Having sold HP cartridges before, I find the best way to do it is a) to wait a couple of months, as this deal will flood the market and b) sell them in bunches of 3-4 to minimise your trips to the Post Office.

You can combine this offer with ‘money off’ discount codes, eg £10 off £75, which show on the individual ink pages online. Your Clubcard points will get even cheaper.

Remember that FREE ‘click and collect’ delivery is available to your nearest Tesco store.

HP Inks

Here’s the problem ….

Whilst the inks start at £10, stocks of all of the cheapest ones ran out over the weekend.  As of 10pm last night, the cheapest one available was £20.

Don’t worry though.  This offer runs until 28th June so, as long as the 1,000 points is not a mistake, the cheaper ones will come back into stock.  You can create a stock alert via the website.

Remember that Tesco caps Clubcard accounts at 30,000 points per quarter.  Do not buy too many as it is likely that your account will be skimmed and you will only receive 30,000 points.  This is in the Clubcard terms and conditions so you can’t complain.

The list of inks available is here on the Tesco site.  Let’s hope the cheaper ones come back into stock before the deal ends on 28th June.

Don’t bother trying to get this deal instore as Tesco is only offering 100 points per cartridge.

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  1. As you say, pulled. My guess is that the bonus should have been 100 and someone added an extra 0 by mistake!

  2. Don’t think we’ll see this back again – how can it be worth giving away £30 for a £10 item?

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