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6,250 Morrisons points with gift cards

There was (‘was’ … not ‘is’) a time when Tesco had a good Clubcard offer with gift cards.

For every £50 spent on gift cards you got 150 Clubcard points and as there were (and still are) no base Clubcard points to be earned on gift card purchases, this was a welcome deal.

But Tesco decided to get rid of this offer. Morrisons on the other hand introduced a points offer with gift cards about a year ago that is still running to this day.

It’s not as generous as the Tesco offer, however, but currently you can earn a very good amount of Morrisons points when buying certain gift cards in store.

For Father’s Day Morrisons is giving 5,000 bonus points with selected gift cards.

Included in this offer are:

  • £50 John Lewis (can be used at Waitrose!)
  • £50 Currys
  • £50 Marks & Spencer
  • £25 Google Play credit

As you get a £5 Morrisons voucher for every 5,000 points you’ve collected you are technically paying just £45 for the £50 cards and £20 for the Google Play card.

This is on top of the base points you receive when buying the gift cards which add another 1,250 points to the £50 cards and 625 to the £25 card.

Including the base points you get £6.25 worth of points with the £50 John Lewis. Currys and Marks & Spencer cards and £5.60 with the £25 Google Play card.

The return for the Google Play card is almost twice as much as for the other cards, however I’m not sure how much money one could actually spend at Google Play. You should also note that Tesco is currently selling the £25 Google Play gift card for £20.

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  1. Arthur Munday says

    Hi Anika, I went into Morrisons today to buy some John Lewis vouchers for my Waitrose food shopping and found they also have the offer on the £25 New Look vouchers, so they get the 5000 bonus points too. All the bonus points show on the individual till receipts correctly but it will take couple of days to get through to my More points account and therefore there is a delay before I can get the £5 off vouchers.

  2. David Butcher says

    Brilliant; bought £50 M&S and £50 John Lewis this morning – £10 already showing on my More Points account. Thanks for the tip off.

  3. Leafwarbler says

    My local Morrisons is restricting customers to purchasing one card only. The till operator said something about a scam targeting the elderly. Didn’t realise I looked so old………..

  4. angela brown says

    i was restricted to one at the till today but supervisor was happy to overide the till to let me purchase another five

    • I had the checkout assistant tell me that she’d have to put them through as separate transactions as they could only do one at a time, something about a money laundering scam involving the elderly……They all went through fine, and could use a £5 voucher from previous points against one of them too.

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