Clubcard goes contactless and good new redemption partners added

Tesco has finally announced its overhaul of Clubcard.

After various changes to their Clubcard scheme over the last year including scrapping the double up event, getting rid of Clubcard points with gift cards and introducing the PayQwiq app as a payment method, Tesco has announced a major overhaul of the scheme.

Based on reports at these are the major changes:

New contactless Clubcards are being sent to all members from Friday  (this might explain why I’m still waiting for my replacement card that I ordered ages ago…..)

You can redeem vouchers in multiples of 50p rather than £2.50 – this will reduce wastage, which was a problem with some Days Out vouchers

You can redeem Clubcard vouchers via the Tesco app, by letting the store scan a bar code – although you really, really should not be spending Clubcard vouchers in store at face value!

Uber and have been added as Boost partners at 3 x face value

Uber 350

The Uber and deals are very interesting.


The Uber deal is a ‘genuine’ 3 x face value offer.

The Tesco / Uber page is here.

For every 50p of vouchers you convert, you receive £1.50 of Uber credit.  No catches although, for clarity, you can’t use it for UberEATS or UberRUSH credit.

This is an excellent deal if you are a regular Uber user and instantly makes this one of the best Tesco Clubcard redemptions.

The Tesco / page is here.

This is not a ‘genuine’ 3 x face value offer. does not let you collect Rewards credit if you pay with Clubcard vouchers.  You won’t get any shopping portal rewards either.  Even discounting those two aspects, however, you would still be getting over 2.5 x face value for your vouchers.

Note that you can only book pre-paid rooms with your Clubcard vouchers and that your points are not refundable if you cancel your hotel booking.

There is a cap of converting £165 of points per transaction, which would give you a £495 voucher.  Whilst you can only use one voucher per booking, nothing stops you making separate back to back bookings.

As you can only use one voucher per booking you need to be careful when you convert.  If a room costs £150 then you need to convert £50 of Clubcard points into one voucher if you want the entire room to be free.  If the price drops to £140 before you get around to booking, you don’t get £10 back.  If the price goes up to £160, you need to pay the extra in cash – you can’t add a 2nd voucher for £10.

PS.  If you don’t already have an Uber account but may now open one, don’t forget our special sign-up code.  Adding code HEADFORPOINTS on the Payment page after registering gets you your first ride for free, up to £15.  This is better than the standard refer-a-friend bonus which only gets you a free ride up to £10.

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  1. Was also following over on HfP, but it went a bit off topic. When you/ we know the in’s & out’s it would be fantastic to know if you had £300 of CC vouchers, would it be possible to use them against a single booking?

    I know someone asked this on HfP

    • “You can turn a maximum of £165 in Clubcard vouchers into £495 worth of vouchers.”

      “Only one voucher can be used per booking, codes cannot be added at a later date.”

  2. Anthony Shaw says

    These vouchers do not apply to most hotel chains, see voucher t&cs.

  3. How do you add the code to uber? I can’t seem to find any options.

    • Genghis says

      There are clear instructions in the email you receive. I did it yesterday. In summary, enter code in app

      • Genghis says

        1. Simply download the Uber app to get started, from the App Store or Google Play.

        2. Go to the Payment section in the Uber app.

        3. Tap Add Payment Method and select Gift Card.

        4. Enter the voucher code above.

        5. Don’t forget to choose Gift Card credit as your payment type when you book your Uber.

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