It’s back – 500 free Clubcard points with PayQwiq

From January until May Tesco and PayQwiq were running a promotion where new customers would get free Clubcard points simply for using the app to pay for their shop.

Now the offer has returned so everyone who missed out last time can now earn  500 free Clubcard points when trying PayQwiq.

How does it work?

You install the PayQwiq app on your smartphone (Android or Apple)

You link your Clubcard number and one or more credit cards to PayQwiq

When in a Tesco store, you pay by scanning a barcode in the PayQwiq app. This automatically credits your Clubcard account with the relevant points and charges your linked credit card for the purchase.

There is no additional cost, or saving, to paying with cash or a credit card.


Get 500 Clubcard points for giving PayQwiq a try

Tesco is currently offering an extra 100 Clubcard points for each transaction made using PayQwiq as the Tesco Payqwiq site explains.

Only one transaction per week counts so you can’t make five separate transactions in one day.  A week runs from Monday to Sunday.

The offer expires on 31st October 2017 so there is enough time to make the most of this offer – 5 weeks – even if you sign up on the last day.

The only three bits of small print you need to remember are:

  • you must keep the app installed for 14 days
  • you must sign up by 3rd September 2017 – which still gives you 5 weeks to earn 5 x 100 points bonuses
  • only one transaction per week earns you bonus points

If you want to give PayQwiq a go, take a look at the details of this offer online, download the app and try it out in your local store. There is no minimum transaction size – I have seen reports of people who have bought items for under £1 and still received the bonus.

The Tesco Payqwiq page is here.

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  1. Any ideas if using a new credit card and different but linked Clubcard number (eg from Tesco bank account) will do the trick for getting another 500?

    • Worth trying. Mrs G and I got the bonus again last time despite receiving it in the trial when it first launched.

    • Natalia S says

      On previous iterations, using the same Clubcard account number (used previously with Payqwiq) also worked for me. I deleted Payqwiq account (rather than the application only), then created a new one, linked new credit card, but same Clubcard account – got all advertised bonus points for new customers.

  2. I am currently unable to access the clubcard webpage, well some of it works but stuff like points vouchers etc seems to be broken. Is it just me ?

  3. I used this offer when it first came out as it was a good way to get some essentially free avios as I do some shopping in Tesco. However is this only inked to one club card or would my partner be able to download the app and then use a different debit card in her name but with the same club card account, or does it require a separate club card?

    • Surely get your partner their own clubcard account and earn double the points?

      • That’s true, just know it’ll be me sitting down to do the form for her though!

        • Stuart F says

          Mrs _f and I have separate clubcards with different numbers but we called Tesco and they linked them so all the points end up in one account which makes things easy to manage. We still get 2 lots of bonuses from things like the Payquik offers.

  4. The most important point which isn’t in the article is can existing customers delete the app, download it again and get the bonus points? The only thing I can find is “Available to new customers” so I think it won’t. I am going to try it though just in case. The T&C’s don’t specify new customers only.

  5. Get a clubcard for the Mrs, download the app, convert to my Avios account – good plan?

    What do baec and avios match on?

  6. How soon do the points show up? I thought it was instantly updated with this, used it yesterday for the first time but nothing showing yet. Receipt only stated the points from the spend and not any additional points too.

    • If anything like last time they’ll show up at the same time the usual base spend points post on your statement, a day or two after spending. These bonus points do not show on the receipt.

  7. Does the spend include fuel?

  8. Hi, thanks my points have now been added. I have just checked my payment card and I’ve been charged £2, this is separate to the amount u spent in store. I thought the service was free?

    • That’s the authorisation charge when you first use a card linked to Payqwik (ie for Tesco to test it’s a real card). It’ll be refunded within a few days / disappear from pending.

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