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3,000 extra Clubcard points with a £199 (!) Lenovo tablet

Update: After initially not working properly, the Tesco Direct site has been fixed and you can now order this product without difficulty.  Offer ends on Monday 14th.

I’m not sure if this offer is a mistake or not, but either way it looks like one of the very generous offers Tesco Direct does from time to time.

Until 14th August you will get 3,000 extra Clubcard points with the Lenovo Miix 310, 10.1″ 2-in-1 tablet for £199.

Considering that 3,000 Clubcard points have a face value of £30 but can be worth up to £120 if exchanged at 4 x face value this is a great offer.

You need to order by 14th August to get 3,000 extra Clubcard points – that is as long as Tesco Direct doesn’t decide this is a mistake and change the amount of Clubcard points.

The Tesco page to order is here.

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  1. Clubcard vouchers are rarely worth 4x. Perhaps if you were planning a Pizza Express type visit on a weekend then yes but then there are better (and even cheaper) restaurants out there. I’d argue it’s 3x max for genuine worth given the Uber deal.

  2. This sells much cheaper elsewhere though, e.g. £129.xx on eBay for nearly new.

  3. Well, it looks like a mistake after all, whenever I want to add it to the basket to buy it, it says “Something went wrong, please try again”

    • Looks like you have to buy two tablets and you get a discount of £20 as well as 6,378 Clubcard points….. Slightly odd

    • The offer works for the tablet and 365 bundle, but you have to add the Office 365 from the website to your basket and then add the tablet. The link to the offered bundle does not work

  4. Yes. Just bought two.
    6378 points plus another 378 for my Tesco Premium MC makes 16,214 Avios so each tablet costs about £108. Nice.

    Thanks Anika well spotted.

    • How are you basing your figure’s of each tablet costing £108? Is it you are putting a price on the avios potentially earnt via CC points, seems very expensive points to me!

  5. Yep certainly something wrong with the offer. You have to add two, and if you take one away again it fails.

  6. Its two or nothing- I tried 3 and it wouldn’t work – very odd. Also once you have paid the invoice says its a promotional deal whereby you buy a “Windows laptop and Microsoft Office and save £20”.
    So maybe I will get M. Office bundled in as well. (Looks like another Tesco booboo to me. See. HP Printer cartridge deal for reference!)

  7. PointsWinPrizes says

    I’ve “bought” 2 of these items for £378, the account says 6378 points. Lets see if they honour the deal…..

  8. The offer works for the tablet and 365 bundle, but you have to add the Office 365 from the website to your basket and then add the tablet. The link to the offered bundle does not work

  9. PointsWinPrizes says

    Do they have a history of honoring the deals they’ve errored with?

    Or will they send some apologetic email and not add my 6378 points…. or approx. 16,000 Virgin air miles in my case.

    I guess we’ll see the page disappear soon.

    • They made a mistake with HP ink (1000 points each), which was later corrected. I ordered before the correction and received the extra points.

  10. Hsergio10 says

    Yes I confirmed your comments

    I got the following error from Tesco when ordering one :

    “DetermineDiscount Number”
    Error: Qualifier says that 2 of this details qualify for discount when there are only 1 items in this details”

    2 or nothing

    • I managed to buy one by ordering Office 365 and then it allowed me to select a single tablet

      • Hsergio10 says

        How much is the Office 365? I don’t see it

        Is it worth 6k Tesco cc points as well?

        • It is not on the same page as the tablet. You have to search for it is £49ish but you get £20 off that when bought with the tablet. Remember to add the Office to the basket first though

  11. PointsWinPrizes says

    Ebay here I come with 2xcheap laptops…. or maybe gumtree in this case.

    Thanks to this site and a lot of lego resales on ebay I’ve got 150,000 airmiles. Enough for first class return on Virgin just about anywhere they fly.

    Interestingly its probably cost me around £250 post\packing discounts etc to get to this point, but well worth it for up to £3 or £4k of first class travel happiness…

    • How you sell this thing when on ebay it doesn’t go for more than £80? You can go to and buy 7000 avios for £127. What’s the difference?

  12. Very have it for £149.99

  13. The page I ended up on says offer expires 8th July 2018 ! Something seriously wrong somewhere…..tried all sorts of ways to order..dismal failure.

  14. The interesting point is if you buy one you have to buy a 365 sub as well for £49 to get a £20 discount. If you buy two and have no 365 purchase you get the same £20 discount.

  15. Offer has been sorted overnight. I just bought just one with the extra 3000 points without having to buy a bundle.

  16. Price has now dropped to £149

    Hmm so is 3000 clubcard points really worth £50? Face value is only £30

    • I’m certainly a buyer of clubcard points at 1p per point. Depending on how you intend to use them 1.66p/point is not terrible, workd out at 0.7p per avios which is a buy point for a lot of people.

  17. Just as a reference point,

    I purchased two at £378 and chased up Tesco by phone this morning (thanks to an old tip on shopperpoints). They refunded the difference straight away (being 2 x £50) .

    So end result seems to be 2 x laptops at £139 each and 6’odd thousand points (or 14k avios)

    So happy bunny here

  18. Pointswinprices says

    So they will price match their own price cuts?

    how long does that last for?

    • If you buy from Tesco Direct and it is reduced within the subsequent 28 days, the difference is refunded only if you ask for it.

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  20. PointsWinPrizes says

    Thanks to you guys for that tip….

    I asked and the nice lady at Tesco Direct agreed and refunded the difference.

    Way-to-go team!

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