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The Daily Mail joins Nectar – earn points with every newspaper bought

The Daily Mail has closed their own loyalty scheme MyMail to make room for a new partnership with Nectar.

From now on Daily Mail readers can earn Nectar points with every newspaper bought.

The closure of MyMail doesn’t mean that previously earned points will go to waste.  Those who have a MyMail account will have noticed that their balance has been converted into Nectar points with 2 MyMail points being worth 1 Nectar point.

How do I earn points?

On the back page of The Daily Mail and The Mail On Sunday you can find a unique number.

Whenever you buy a newspaper you must visit to enter the number and your points will be added.

How many Nectar points do I get?

  • Monday to Friday 5 points per day
  • Saturday 10 points
  • Sunday 15 points
  • Collect 5 out of 7 days 30 bonus points

This makes The Daily Mail one of the higher earning Nectar partners  in terms of return on spend – If this is your newspaper of choice the Nectar points are a nice bonus. I personally will continue reading The Guardian ……

P.S. Those who follow Nectar’s Facebook page might have seen the 10,000 comments expressing disappointment at this new partnership.  Nectar keeps deleting the post to prune the comments, should the link not work!

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  1. And this is the official response from Nectar

    “Our response to questions around the Daily Mail partnership

    We understand how strongly many of our customers feel about this and we respect your feedback.

    We would like to reiterate that we in no way wanted to upset any of our valued customers.

    With millions of Nectar collectors, we know that not all of you will support every partner, but we very much hope you will continue to use your Nectar card in the way best suited to you. ”

  2. This is rather a PR fail. Any association with the ‘propaganda pamphlets’ like The Hate Mail or The Sun is increasingly being regarded as toxic.

    • Sussex bantam says

      Whilst I wouldn’t particularly want to associate with either brand it is worth pointing out the Mail and the Sun are the two largest newspapers in the country.

    • The_Real_A says

      I’m not sure. We have lots of left wing hysteria right now of a small number of highly vocal keyboard warriors. DM is not my choice at all, but this will die down when people get bored. I wont be talking up this offer!

  3. The Sun has more than halved it’s sales in 10 years. A rather small % of the total population buys these publications. I’d guess a greater % of the population hold them and what they represent in utter contempt.

  4. I guess all those unhappy Nectar customers will also be happy to boycott their other partners, easy jet, Sainsbury’s, Debenhams etc.etc.

  5. The torrent of negative comment on FB rather makes any further comment here superfluous. I think they may have under appreciated the extent to which the Daily Mail is held in contempt, and I hope that nectar rethink.

    • Don’t understand, you mean the 10,000 comments out of a 1.5 million circulation hold the DM in contempt ?

  6. Absolutely crazy, it will now take just over 16 weeks to get five pound voucher. Buy the sun and you get five pound in cash in a month. Guess what I am going to do!!!!!!

  7. Seems like a good points earning opportunity for anyone doing a paper round!

  8. The left should be wary of trying to shut things down. Denying Daily Mail readers their rightful points will not change their views and will make the left seen more anti free speech than it does already.

  9. There seems to be no comment here about the massive devaluation of the Mail numbers.

    You used to get 20 points on weekdays = 5p per copy. Now it is 5 Nectar points = 2.5p per copy
    You used to get 75 points on Saturdays = 18.75p per copy. Now it is 10 Nectar points = 5p per copy
    You used to get 100 points on Sundays = 25p per copy. Now it is 15 Nectar points = 7.5p per copy

    It used to be worthwhile collecting Daily Mail numbers from copies left behind on the train or in the pub, but not any more

  10. The number of new retailers going to Nectar is interesting. The appeal to Daily Mail is probably the universality of Nectar. Customers actually use them. This probably also accounts for the devaluation- the mayoralty of Daily Mail readers probably never used their points and so it was possible to be generous with them.

  11. I do not normally read the Daily Mail but felt compelled to do so today. This is because there seems to be a centrally planned effort to damage the mail and ultimately drive it out of business. Far fetched? There was a big drama when Waitrose started offering the DM for free to shoppers who spent £10 with them. An even bigger fuss when the DM offers Nectar points. The strategy seems to be to punsh the DM by punishing the readers and in this way prevent them from expressing their views freely.

    I also made sure to claim my Nectar points so that Nectar know the partnership is a good one. I would urge everyone who supports free speech to do the same.

    • You can support free speech without funding a company that seems to thrive off of discrimination/racism though…

      Also to say this punishes the readers? Have you read the comments on the Daily Mail website at all? Not the kind of behaviour you encourage.

      Just because someone writes hateful things doesn’t mean I have to listen to them/fund them.

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