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Get 3% cashback on Tesco gift cards

The Tesco gift cards seem to have gone out of stock following the email this morning. We will let you know once they’re back in stock.

Back in July we wrote about our deal with TopCashback offering our readers £10 cashback after spending £10. The article is here and you can still sign up for a free account to start earning money with your online (and offline) shopping by visiting this website.

Now we’ve come across an interesting offer on TopCashback:

Get 3% cashback when purchasing Tesco gift cards.

Buying gift cards via TopCashback

You can earn up to 6% with various retailer gift cards when purchased via TopCashback. Included are for example New Look with 5%, Pizza Express with 5% and Ticketmaster with 5%

However we find that the Tesco gift card is the most interesting one.

You can use the gift card in store as well as online. Next time there is an extra Clubcard points offer available you can save an 3% this way plus earn extra Clubcard points!  The gift card obviously works for all of your normal Tesco in-store shopping too.

IMPORTANT:  these gift cards cannot be used for online Tesco grocery shopping.  They are OK for other online shopping via Tesco Direct and for in-store shopping.

How do I get the Tesco gift card?

First of all you must be a Top Cashback member in order to buy a gift card and get cash back.

If you aren’t a member yet, read our article here and sign up here.

The gift card page on TopCashback is here. Scroll down to the bottom and select the Tesco gift card.

You can select any value up to £200 and have the digital gift card either delivered to your own email address or someone else’s.

If you want to use the gift card in store, you must print the card card when it arrives so it can be scanned.  When using the card online at Tesco Direct (remember that it cannot be used for online grocery orders) simply select ‘gift card’ as payment method and then enter the code.  Easy!

Remember that our exclusive TopCashback sign-up deal – join here – gets you £10 cashback when you spend £10 with any retailer on TopCashback.  Tesco gift cards don’t count towards your £10 spending, but all companies on the main TopCashback site do – including Tesco Direct.

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  1. Best use we have found for these:
    1) Petrol
    2) Buying other gift cards eg Next, Amazon

  2. I’m not seeing Tesco as an available gift card to purchase

    • Same here

    • It was at the bottom first thing this morning by seems to have vanished now.

      I’ve got a works scheme that does 3% off Tesco e-cards and the other day they were doing 5% off one you get sent though the post in a few days (4% now).
      Things like 5% off John Lewis, 8% off Argos etc. could be useful.

      Been using the coupons I got through the post at present so £3 or £4 off a min. £30 Tesco GC works out a far better deal than most of the offers (assuming you get them regularly). Can get £10 off £90 of cards at present so around 11% off.

  3. Recently discovered that Wilko sell gift cards, and Wilko gets Curve rewards at 1.5% or 3% depending if you have the blue or black card. I haven’t tried it yet but I presume it works as Curve won’t know what you’ve bought.

  4. You can get these GC’s from zeek all the time with 3% off without the risk of Cashback not paying out.

  5. You can get the same deal via Zeek normally. Tesco giftcards usually have a 2% discount but you can boost that by 1% by buying Zeek credit and using that to then buy Tesco cards.

  6. The cashback you get on these çards, can it be converted to Avios or does it have to be withdrawn via BACS? Avios would be slightly more valuable to me than the cash.

    • Good question. I reckon you can do what you like with it, as it is being advertised as cash (and I don’t think TCB loses money if they give you 105 Avios per £1) but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

  7. James Porter says

    Absolutely rubbish that the money off gift cards for Tesco seem to have vanished with the Daily Mail change from mail points to Nectar points. Now saddled with Nectar and expensive Sainsbury’s. The range of offers since the change is much inferior to before. Hardly a master stroke DM!

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