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1 extra Clubcard point per £4 when using Pay + (formerly PayQwiq)

PayQwiq is not PayQwiq anymore.

I blame the two Qs and how I always had to look up the correct spelling before writing about the Tesco payment app.

Pay +

PayQwiq is now Pay + (say Pay Plus) which looks silly but is easier to pronounce and spell.


Tesco is running a great promotion with Pay +

Until 14th January 2018 you will get 1 extra Clubcard point for every £4 spent.

This is a pretty decent offer and should get more people on to the app.

If for some reason you’ve never heard about either PayQwiq or Pay + it’s Tesco’s payment app that works a bit like Apple or Android Pay, but collects your Clubcard points as you pay and let’s you spend £250 in one transaction. 

You can read more about Pay + here.  You will still receive all your usual loyalty points from your credit card too.

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  1. Have they solved the problem yet where you can’t use vouchers? (As scanning the barcode ends the transaction. All it needs is “end” or “continue” on the till.)

  2. I posted yesterday that we used the app to pay for petrol with our Tesco debit card behind it. We only got 21 pts for £43 of fuel instead of 43. . Contacted Payqwiq and was told the additional 22 pts will be added in 48 hrs and the bonus pts will be added within 3-5 working days. Just waiting to see what happens. Will report back when I get all the pts owed.

  3. Is this deal for all users or just for new users?

  4. When I spend at Tesco I already get 1 standard CC point and another CC point from Tesco Bank (so 2 per £ spent) when paying with the Tesco Bank debit card. An interesting quirk with that is that I also get 1 standard CC point per £ spent on fuel, rather than the 1 CC point per £2 spent which seems to be standard rate.

    Anyway, in theory paying using Pay+ I should be able to get 9 CC points per £4 spent (4 standard, 4 from Tesco Bank and another 1 for using Pay+). Has anybody tried this?

    With the standard exchange rate of CC points to Avios, that works out at 5.4 Avios per £ spent, which isn’t bad!

    • Yes see my note above – I’ve used it in store and for fuel. Fuel pts with Tesco debit card loaded to the app shows only 1CC pt for £2 but I have been told the additional pts and bonus pts will follow in due course. Just waiting for that to happen and I will report back.

      • Can you clarify that I have understood correctly?

        Are you saying you received the standard rate of 1 point per £2 spent on fuel, which they say is going to be rectified in 48 hours and you’re still waiting for the Tesco Bank points to show?

        I find that rather odd as when I pay with the TB debit card directly, the receipt immediately shows that I have earned 1 point per £1.

        • If you buy fuel with the debit card it shows 1 CC per £1 – we did that last week as we have only just started using the debit card for shopping and fuel as we will be cancelling our Tesco premium credit card next week. But this week we loaded the Tesco debit card to the app and for £43 of fuel we only got 21 pts on the till receipt. I called Payqwiq and was told the balance 22 pts will,post within 48 hrs and the bonus 1pt per £4 will post within 3-5 working days. So I am in that waiting period for them to appear on my online statement to see if the extra points post ok. The guy said the app is a Tesco Bank product so the points should all post – let’s hope he is right.

          • UPdate: so for my £43.78 fuel spend I have now received the 10 Payqwiq bonus of 10 pts but still only received 1 CC for £2 using the app with my Tesco debit card on the app instead of 43CC pts. Will wait another day to see if the extra 22 pts are added before calling again. If they are not going to,post automatically then you should not use the app for buying fuel if paying with the Tesco debit card.

            • Could it possibly be because you have the Pay+ app set to use a different club card number than the one on the Tesco Bank debit card?

            • Yes I think that has been the problem – I have had to,change my main Clubcard number on my online account to the one debit card. Now synced my phone app and hubby’s together and will test it again this weekend. Fingers crossed it will work.

            • TGLoyalty says

              I noticed this a few months back

              You won’t get the extra point best to use the physical card and tbh since I use pay at pump which doesn’t allow Pay+ it doesn’t make much difference.

              I assume changing the default CC number on your account to your debit card one will fix this so keep us updated

            • I did switch the CC number on my account to the debit card number and yesterday we got 30pts for £30 spend for fuel so that has fixed the problem!

  5. O/T but don’t know where else to post. I pre-ordered the new Dan Brown book for the extra 100 cc points. All good. Book was deliverwd today which is great as will be good Christmas present for someone ……thing is two were delivered! Only been charged for one as far as I can see and order confirmation also says one. Moral dilemma! Keep it or return it?

    Not the first time it’s happened to me but with a different store. Didn’t return the additonal 2 tops they sent me as would just be inconvenient for me.

  6. Since the rebrand & new app I’ve found it never works at a “staffed” till & the scanner won’t pick it up. Self Service fine, but not at a proper till

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