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Nectar Swipe and Win is back! Guaranteed bonus points from today

Swipe and Win is back. Sainsbury’s ‘you can’t lose’ prize draw starts TODAY and runs all weekend.

So make sure you’ve got your Nectar card in your wallet when you go shopping (I must confess that mine isn’t always in my wallet…).

swipe and win

From today until 23:59 on 8th October (ie Sunday) you will receive a Swipe and Win coupon with every transaction over £10 in store or online.

This also works on petrol purchases!

You are GUARANTEED to win between 200 and 5,000 Nectar points when swiping your Nectar card.

You will win either 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500 or 200 Nectar points. Even if you get the smallest prize – which is likely! – you are getting £1 back on a £10 spend.

Of course there is some small print attached to this promotion:

  • Sainsbury’s Central and Local are excluded
  • Selected petrol stations are also excluded (check the website to find out which ones)
  • Qualifying spend excludes spirits and liqueurs, first stage baby milk products, National Lottery, Tobacco, gift vouchers, gift cards, prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, postage stamps, savings stamps, mobile phone vouchers, phone cards, e top-up, pay point payments, charity products and car park tickets
  • The Swipe and Win voucher cannot be redeemed online

However there is no limit on the number of entries. If you’ve got a lot of time you could do your big shop in smaller chunks (each over £10) and receive a Swipe and Win coupon with every transaction.

If you are filling up your car, buying petrol in £10 chunks means a 10% discount on your fuel!

The coupon has to be handed to a cashier or placed in a self-scan collection slot by 22nd October to redeem your points – although it makes sense to redeem it on the spot if you’re not in a hurry.

Please post a comment here if you win a prize over 200 points!

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  1. Nigel Hall says

    This is a great deal, especially if you have the time to do several mini-shops in one visit. I always make a list of things to stock up on and break it down into £10 chunks. Last time I spent £140 over the weekend and got back £40 worth of Nectar points, value £80 on double-up. This morning I did six shops and returned with £13.50 worth of Nectar points for a spend of £60. That included one voucher for 1000 points and another for 250 points.

  2. Janeyferr says

    Just popped to Sainsbury’s for my lunch and got some other bits. £11 spent. 5000 Nectar points won.

    • Nigel Hall says

      Well done, a great return at 250 per cent!!

      • Janeyferr says

        Win some Lose some…

        Went to another Sainsbury’s on the way home. Spent £34. Voucher printer paper got bunched up and it was impossible for the supervisor to figure out how many points I should have.

        Shall drop Nectar a message on the off-chance they can help.

        • I had same problem .A nice lady at the customer help desk in Sainsburys added 500 points for me as compensation.

  3. Just had a fun time in Sainburies. Spent £10 and got a 2000 point voucher. Went back in to spend another £10 and redeem my voucher but the cashier said I had to go to customer services. So I checked out as usual and got a 200 voucher and a triple points voucher. To my complete amazement the triple points stacked with the 2200 points and I got 6600 points for a £20 shop ! Stranger still, because I didn’t make a purchase, customer services gave me a new voucher.. Triple points again ! So tomorrow I’m hoping for a 5000 voucher to get me 15000 points 🙂

    • Nigel Hall says

      I think your customer service are being rather over-generous as the triple points coupon should only apply to the base points!!

  4. Seems quite generous this time compared to the last one. I have spent just over £100 today in lots of £10ish (£20 at petrol station and £80 in store), and have received
    1 x 5000
    5 x 1000
    2 x 500
    2 x 200
    Total of 11,400 worth £114 in their double up promotion next month for wine and Xmas presents. (hopefully it will be on as usual in November)
    The 5000 pointer was at the petrol station. I work nearby to a Sainsbury so went in at lunchtime and on the way home. The inkjet cartridges I use are £10 each so bought a few of them individually. Also a couple of cases of beer at £12 each. Will probably go back tomorrow for other non-perishables!

    • Still going well…
      Saturday’s tally
      4 x 1000
      1 x 500
      2 x 200
      Tempted to keep going!

      • Sunday not so good..
        2 x 500
        2 x 200
        Would be interesting to know if they release an equal number of high value vouchers each day or if they release more of them earlier in the promotion, and they’re maybe all gone by Sunday afternoon.
        Anyway, grand total over 3 days of 17,700 points, equal to £88.50 or £177 at double up time, from a total spend of just over £210. Can’t complain!

  5. Split my spending between Petrol Station and Store, obtained 3 x 200 point vouchers and 2 x 5000 point vouchers. Spent total of £35 on fuel and a similar amount on groceries……………….great result! I then bought 4 lucky dips for tonights lottery, here’s hoping!

  6. 2 CD’s = 2 shops =400 points.

    Anika, could you do an article on the best way to redeem nectar points?


  7. 1 x 5000, 3 x 1000, 1 x 500 and 1 x 200 on a £55 shop spilt into 5 parts and £10 of petrol today 🙂

    Used 1 x 1000 point coupon from yesterday and still got one more to redeem from the petrol.

  8. Spent £12 and got 500 points.

  9. Spent £12 and got a 500 points voucher.

  10. Spent
    £10 on fuel on way in to store..500 bonus points.
    £11 in store..1000 bonus points and
    £10 on fuel on way out..1000 bonus points

    2500 points on a £31 spend not too bad

  11. 2 x 5000, 1 x 1000, 2 x 500 and 2 x 200. That’s £62 back on just over £70.

  12. Got 500 points on a 12 pound spend.

  13. Instore – 1000 points and 200 points, each on baskets just over £10
    Petrol – 1000 points and 500 points, each on exactly £10 worth

  14. Just spent 15£ on petrol and won 5000 points !

  15. Has anyone else had their Swipe & Win bonus points gone astray? They registered yesterday on my Sainsbury’s receipts but have magically disappeared on the Sainsbury’s receipt I received today. Upon checking the Nectar app, all the regular standard points are on there but none of the Swipe & Win bonus points. Hopefully it will sort itself out over the next couple of days!!

    • I’m having the exact same problem! I had a 2000 point register on the receipt from yesterday but when I filled petrol today the total has gone back down to what it was before the bonus points were added

    • I have had all mine added, but not the last 5000 one I got. I have a photo of the prize and receipts showing the added amount.

  16. Nigel Hall says

    Mine have all disappeared too and I’ve had this problem before, not sure why it happens but best to call Sainsburys Customer Services if they don’t reappear in a couple of days. With an overall spend of about £200 over the weekend, stocking up on long dated items, I managed a 25 per cent return of around £50. Or a 50 per cent return using Double Up vouchers, hopefully in November.

  17. 2 x 1000, plus 1 x 200

    Re: disappearing points, I think it just takes a few days from points showing on your receipt to actually land on your account.
    My bonus points haven’t shown up on my online account yet. I don’t expect any problems, but have kept the receipt just in case.

    • No, points earned in Sainsbury’s show immediately, like mine did & then take a few days to appear on the Nectar website/app. For people’s bonus poits to disappear of the Sainsbury’s receipts By the Sunday tells me there’s a nasty IT problem here that could be causing Sainsbury’s/Nectar a massive problem.

  18. Mathew Daniels says

    I was lucky enough to win 5000 points twice! Spent £65 across different transactions and made over £62 back in points!!

  19. johnny_c-l says

    Did OK this time around….1 x 1,000 2 x 500 & 3 x 200 points.

    Still yet to get a 5,000 in these promotions.

  20. I see a few people mentioning the double up event – is there a date set for this?

    As I have a promo in for eBay at the moment which gives me half the points I convert back, i.e. 0.75p per point – not sure to cash in?

    • Forgot to mention… my first time doing Swipe and Win – I spent approx. £34 and received 1700 points 🙂 Next time I shall be stocking up on more long dated things!!

  21. The Sainsburys double-up should arrive in the next month – they’ve done it previously in the run up to Christmas.
    The expected spring one didn’t happen this year, and at the time they said there would be one later this year.
    Depending on how many points you have it might be worth doing the Ebay now and keeping some back for double-up. The range of things you get double value on is quite limited – for most folk Sainsburys wine is probably one of the more attractive options (although I sometimes ask myself, if Sainsburys announced a half-price sale on wine, would I rush to buy some – probably not!)

  22. Edward Noel says

    Spent £16 at Sainsbury’s on the Cromwell Road in London, asked the cashier to swipe my Nectar card, paid and walked away. Suddenly realised he had not given me the voucher, so returned to ask why. He replied, “Because you didn’t ask me for it.” He had my 1000 point voucher tucked away and handed it over somewhat shiftily. I can only assume he wasn’t giving them out to people who didn’t ask so he could amass a whole handful to share with his family and friends!

  23. Only just read this. I bought petrol, milk and a coffee at Sainsburys at Meadowhall on Sunday about 5 pm ish and wasn’t given a voucher.

  24. James speight says

    Has anyone’s points disappearing mystery been resolves? I too won 1,000 points that when scanned disnt get added to the receipt so had to get the cashier to manually add. Then the next day I won 5,000 points which being conscious of the issue the previous day asked the cashier to ensure they go on and indeed they were added to the receipt! However now ive checked my nectar account and they have miraculously disappeared… Trusting them to be added from the receiot though I havent got that! If anyones issue was resolved or they contacted customer care and it was resolved if you could let me know would be appreciated…

    • This has also happened to me. I won 5000 then 500 points. They showed that day and now have disappeared. I didn’t keep my receipt :(. I contacted the chat helpline and they said it was an issue with Sainsburys and said I would get my points but couldn’t tell me how long this would take!!! I have still not got them. Think I will try calling them this weekend. Very frustrating.

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