NEW – Redeem your Quidco cashback for Zeek vouchers

Quidco has added Zeek as a withdrawal option which will help you maximise your cashback.

If you aren’t familiar with these companies, in short Quidco is a cashback site like TopCashback and Zeek is a website where you can buy and sell gift cards.

What is Quidco?

Quidco was, for many years, the dominant player in the cashback field, but TopCashback had arguably stolen its crown with aggressive deals such as its Tesco Clubcard partnership. However the partnership with Tesco came to an end in July 2016 and Quidco is trying to get new customers on board with various deals for new members.

What is Zeek?

Zeek is a platform where you can buy and sell gift cards, helping you save money and turning unwanted gift cards into cash.

You can read more about it in this Shopper Points article.

Quidco and Zeek

Instead of getting cash, Quidco members can now choose to receive their cashback in Zeek vouchers.

By choosing this option Quidco will add 15% to the value of the cashback.  £10 of cashback would become £11.50 of Zeek credit for example.

On top of getting more money, you will also save up to 20% on the discounted gift cards you buy from Zeek compared to their face value.

Even if you are using TopCashback already, it might be worth signing up to Quidco as well and compare deals before shopping online.  You will also need to sign up to Zeek via this link before you redeem your Quidco money for credit.

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  1. The_Real_A says:

    I quite like Zeek, and have bought / sold a number of gift cards through them without any issues. There are a couple of things to note, the denomination of vouchers can sometimes be quite high as business sellers place vouchers on the platform with virtually no discount.

    Also since the fees for Private sellers is quite high, there is often a lack of giftcards for popular retailers at anything other than 1% off face value. – you might be better with work based purchase schemes. Giftcards that can be used virtually (on your phone) do not attract the same costs so these seem to be listed more often.

  2. Keith harper says:

    Recently had issues with John Lewis vouchers with seek, so not a fan anymore .

  3. This sounds like a great deal, thanks. Next time I’ve got some payable quidco I may well take it as Zeek. They do Tesco and Nandos, which is as good as cash to me! Shame no Amazon, though.

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