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Reviews of Nectar redemptions worth more than 0.5p per point – Pizza Express

++++ Pizza Express is no longer a Nectar redemptions partner ++++

When redeeming your Nectar points, you are most likely to get just 0.5p per point which means you might as well use them to knock a couple of Pounds of your Sainsbury’s shop. There are, however, a few Nectar redemptions which claim to offer more than 0.5p per point of value.

Time to find out if these deals are as good as they claim to be.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at each of these deals to see if you are genuinely getting a ‘premium’ reward when you book them.

You can find all Nectar redemption reviews here.

Pizza Express and Nectar

When redeeming your Nectar points for Pizza Express you need to order vouchers in advance of your visit and can use them as part or full payment of your meal.

It is not possible to swipe your Nectar card in the restaurant.

Here are the details of the Nectar redemption deal with Pizza Express.

500 points are worth £3.75 and you can exchange your Nectar points for a £3,75, £7, £15 or £30 voucher.

The rate is 0.75p per point which is slightly more than the value of most Nectar redemptions.

The downside is that codes cannot be used against drinks, tips, set menus, takeaways or any other promotion (such as Tesco vouchers, NUS extra or Tastecard).

They can be used to pay for meals from the children’s menu as well as the standard adult menu.

Summer Rewards

For the last couple of years Nectar has been running a promotion over the Summer giving members the chance to get more for their Nectar points.

For 1,000 Nectar points you could get a voucher for either two cinema tickets or two mains at Pizza Express.

If for example you get two Classic Diavolo which would cost £12.90 each, your 1,000 points are worth £25.80 (2.6p per point). This is obviously better than the regular 0.75p per point, however, this offer comes only once a year.

General Offers

Every now and then your waiter at Pizza Express will give you a 2 for 1, 2 for £10, 50% off or similar voucher for your next visit.

There are also various codes and vouchers to be found online.

As this means that in theory you never have to pay full price at Pizza Express, this Nectar redemption, though better than the usual 0.5p per point ones, is not the best.

Tesco Clubcard

If you read this, you probably have a Clubcard as well as a Nectar card.

Clubcard has a way better deal with Pizza Express than Nectar.

For £2.50 in Clubcard vouchers you can get a £10 voucher for Pizza Express which means you get 4p per point.

The Clubcard/Pizza Express page is here.

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  1. “The downside is that codes cannot be used against drinks, tips, set menus, takeaways or any other promotion”
    That may be the small print, but in my experience it’s not correct. They just take the Nectar vouchers as a payment, like a gift card, off anything (except tips). For example, I used the offer on Saturday night at my local restaurant. Bill came to ~£60.05 (£11 on drinks, rest on food). I used a 3 courses for £12.95 voucher for two meals, which reduced the bill by £14.50, then applied a £3.75 and a £15 Nectar voucher (which cost 2,500 Nectar points). I then paid £25.80 in cash. The only thing on my bill was drinks and set menus, but I was still able to use the vouchers!
    The only thing that’s a problem is that technically you need to order vouchers in advance, but in reality I ordered them using the Nectar app when we arrived at the restaurant, and they appeared in the app within 30 minutes.

    • This is what it says in the T&Cs:

      ‘Voucher codes can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotions (such as Tesco vouchers, NUS extra or Tastecard), set menus, or in exchange for cash for gift cards or pizza making parties. Nectar points can’t be collected on any element of a transaction which is paid for by redeeming points.’

      Thanks for letting us know that it does work with in store offers.

      I will add the Tesco, NUS and Tastecard bit to the article.

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