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Reviews of Nectar redemptions worth more than 0.5p per point – Magazine subscriptions

+++ You can no longer spend Nectar points on magazine subscriptions +++

When redeeming your Nectar points, you are most likely to get just 0.5p per point which means you might as well use them to knock a couple of Pounds of your Sainsbury’s shop. There are, however, a few Nectar redemptions which claim to offer more than 0.5p per point of value.

Time to find out if these deals are as good as they claim to be.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at each of these deals to see if you are genuinely getting a ‘premium’ reward when you book them.

You can find all Nectar redemption reviews here.

Today I want to look at magazine subscriptions.

On the Nectar redemption page you can find a good selection of magazine subscriptions. Last time I checked there were 59 title to choose from.

The way it works is that you choose a title and pay for a subscription with your Nectar points.

This promises to give you up to 40% off the RRP.

Nectar Magazines

I won’t be looking at all 59 titles for obvious reasons, but have picked out a few to see how genuine the savings are.


6 issues for 4,000 Nectar points (cover price £24.60) 0.6p per point

12 issues for 7,500 Nectar points (cover price £49.20) 0.7p per point


This looks like an ok discount as you’re getting more than just 0.5p per point.

However, I did a quick Google search and found an offer on the publisher’s website that makes the Nectar redemption look way less attractive.

12 issues when bought on the Hearst Magazines website are £27.99 and 6 issues cost £15 which means a point is worth 0.4p.

The Week

13 issues for 4,000 Nectar points (cover price £42.90) 1p per point

25 issues for 7,500 Nectar points (cover price £85.80) 1.1p per point

51 issues for 13,500 Nectar points (cover price £168.30) 1.3p per point


Over 1p per point for the annual subscription makes this offer look like one of the very good Nectar redemptions.

However, the prices on the Nectar redemption page are not the same as on The Week’s website.

If you buy your subscription on The Week’s website you will get the first 6 issues for free and will pay £27.49 per 13 issues thereafter.

Nectar has listed the price per issue when bought in store and not the price for a subscription which means the actual value per point is way lower. Let’s ignore the 6 free issues you get from The Week’s website. If 13 issues cost £27.49 and you pay with 4,000 Nectar points you get 0.68p per point. For 25 issues the price is £54.98. If you pay with 7,500 Nectar points you are getting 0.7p per point. For the annual subscription the price is £82.47 and if you pay with 13,500 Nectar points you are getting 0.6p per point.


6 issues for 2,000 Nectar points (cover price £12) 0.6p per point

12 issues for 3,000 Nectar points (cover price £24) 0.8p per point


The problem here is, that Glamour has just announced that they will go from 12 print editions per year to 2 with the other 10 being published online. Not sure if this means you will sign up for a 3 – 6 years subscription by redeeming your Nectar points.

Overall conclusion

From what I’ve seen magazine subscriptions are only slightly better than the usual 0.5p per point redemptions. The fact that Nectar is trying to trick people into thinking they are getting a great deal by listing the cover price and not the subscription price is misleading and means you have to check every subscription option there is before knowing whether a redemption is a good deal.

There are also ways of reading certain magazines for free for example with Amazon Prime Reading. If you are a Prime member it’s worth checking the prime reading page every now and then to see which titles have been added.

Currently you can read The Week for free.

You can try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days.

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  1. It’s also worth noting that you can access many magazines for free online through library services, e.g. Zinio.

  2. OT but it looks like photobox is now only a collection partner and doesn’t do redemptions any more… wonder if it’s a seasonal thing.

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