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Reviews of Nectar redemptions worth more than 0.5p per point – Gourmet Society membership

+++ Gourmet Society has left Nectar at the end of December 2017 +++

When redeeming your Nectar points, you are most likely to get just 0.5p per point which means you might as well use them to knock a couple of Pounds of your Sainsbury’s shop. There are, however, a few Nectar redemptions which claim to offer more than 0.5p per point of value.

Time to find out if these deals are as good as they claim to be.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at each of these deals to see if you are genuinely getting a ‘premium’ reward when you book them.

You can find all Nectar redemption reviews here.

Today I want to look at the Gourmet Society membership.

Gourmet Society and Nectar

Gourmet Society is a UK – based dining club. Members can get up to 50% off at over 6,500 restaurants and up to 40% off cinema tickets at selected cinemas. (We’ve had confirmation by a reader that even when bought with Nectar points you will get up to 40% off cinema tickets with your membership)

The annual membership costs £69.95, but as a Nectar redemption you only pay 2,000 Nectar points.

Here are the details of the Nectar redemption deal with Gourmet Society.

The rate is 3.5p per point which makes this redemption the most generous Nectar redemption.

But is it really?

If you search for Gourmet Society online, you will find several links to voucher sites that offer Gourmet Society membership for £40.

I checked out a couple of those links and the offers appeared to have expired.

Groupon for example was selling the £40 membership until 31st December 2017. It is possible that the offer will return at some point.

So, should I use my Nectar points to redeem for a Gourmet Society membership?

Even if you value the Gourmet Society membership at £40, you are still getting 2p per point when redeeming your Nectar points.

This is better than any other redemptions.

If you love to dine out and want to save up to 50% at restaurants and 40% on cinema tickets, a Gourmet Society membership is a good Nectar redemption.



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  1. I exchanged 2000 Nectar (£10 worth) for the GS membership yesterday. It’s worth noting that GS has different levels of membership, and I’m guessing that when my pack arrives in the post this week, it “might” not include the cinema discount, instead just 50% off in the restaurants. Those who sign up for it may see the message part way through the process. I’m happy either way though, as it still saves a good chunk of cash over a period of time.

    • Would be good to know if the cinema discount is included. Can you let me know once you’ve received your pack? And bon appetit 🙂

      • Of course, and thank you.

      • Geoffrey Sheppard says

        It would be even nicer to know which cinemas are included – do they expect people to join in order to find out there aren’t any cinemas in their area?

        If anyone is a member, it would be good to know which ones are included.

  2. Slightly offtrack, Tesco have now reduced the now TV boxes from £20 to £12.50 and still you receive the 500 bonus points per box purchased…

  3. James Hadley says

    But are these Gourmet Society memberships actually worth anything at all? There are loads of discounts floating around online for cinemas and the likes of Pizza Express, Bella Italia etc. that don’t cost anything.

    IIRC Gourmet Society cards were FOC through Huddlebuy-operated “benefits clubs”, an equally worthless set of offers in my opinion.

  4. Did everybody receive their 14000 nectar points for taking out life insurance in June? The offer said points will be issued once 5 monthly payments have been made. I’m fast approaching 6th but the bonus points are nowhere to be seen.

    • I used live chat earlier in the week and they said 60 days after the 5th payment (which is not what is in the T&Cs).

      I don’t believe this will actually happen but have a copy of the chat transcript so plan to raise a complaint on day 60.

      • johnny_c-l says

        Just phoned them up and they don’t even have a record of this offer on my account, so have raised a complaint now. Looks like this one might be a battle!

  5. I get free Gourmet Society membership via Lloyds Bank’s Club Lloyds, with 2% in credit interest up to £5000.

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