Offer extended – 1 extra Clubcard point per £4 when using Pay + until the end of February

You can still get extra Clubcard points when using Pay + (formerly PayQwiq) and the offer has now been extended.

Pay +, if you haven’t heard about it, used to be PayQwiq, but was changed to Pay + (say Pay Plus) a while ago – which looks a bit silly but is easier to pronounce and spell.

It’s Tesco’s payment app which let’s you pay your shopping and automatically collect Clubcard points.


Pay +

Pay + works a bit like Apple or Android Pay, but collects your Clubcard points as you pay and let’s you spend £250 in one transaction.


Until 28th February 2018 you will get 1 extra Clubcard point for every £4 spent.

This is a pretty decent offer and should get more people on to the app.

You can read more about Pay + here. You will still receive all your usual loyalty points from your credit card too.

There were some comments under our last article mentioning issues when using Pay +. Please do let us know in the comments whether or not using Pay + worked for you.

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  1. I find pay+ straightforward to use, though unsure if it’s meant to work in (‘refurbished’) petrol stations as it never seems to scan properly. I’ve had a few times when the barcode won’t scan, but interestingly that’s always been at a manual checkout rather than self checkout, and with some persistence it’s always worked in the end…

  2. Pay+ works fine for me, but I don’t often use it because you can’t use personalised coupons which need clubcard scan before they are accepted. All it needs is the option to delay payment after scanning to add coupons. I normally only shop at Tesco when I’ve got £x off £y spend, where X is over 10% of y !

    • Can’t you scan Clubcard first and pay with Pay+? I haven’t tried it since I didn’t get vouchers recently but now I got one.

  3. doesn’t work at pay at pump…. at least I could not get the scanner to read the QR code

  4. Pay + seems to work seamlessly for me nowadays. There have have been one or two glitches in the past but not recently. Only other issue is the normal one where if the app gets updated you have to log in.
    Whether it’s any quicker than whipping out Your bank card and Clubcard is another matter, but while it earns extra Clubcard points in carrying on with it.
    The Pay+ app has certainly saved my bacon a few times when I’ve left my wallet at home!

  5. It seems to work better now than when it first came out. I tend to use it all the time in Tesco as I’ve gotten random extra Clubcard points in the past

  6. I use Pay + for every in-store transaction – it is very good. I did find a glitch whereby it didn’t allow me to get 1 point per £1 spent on my Tesco Premium MasterCard at petrol stations, but Tesco said this was because I had done something wrong. Anyway, they fixed it an now it works. Well, everywhere apart from Pay at Pump, but they are apparently due to be upgraded so they will accept it, which would be great.

  7. Whenever I remember I’ve got the app installed as I approach check-out, I always find the app has decided to log me out. I probably go weeks and months between using it, but, does anyone else find this? I can never remember my login details so always resort to digging out the wallet anyway rather than attempting 47 different password variations as a queue builds behind me.

  8. Pay+ works fine, but a lot of self checkouts don’t. My local express has two self checkouts, one accepts it, one doesn’t – always been that way.
    My irritation is with a lot of receipts I’ve been given lately where the Tesco logo (and Pay+ logo) don’t print properly. Gives me a real ball ache with the expense department every time – why is this????

  9. There were a number of teething issues when Pay+ was still called PayQwiq, sometimes the whole payment backend would be down meaning you’d need to fish out a card (annoying at the time but 250 clubcard points applied automatically for each failure – thanks Tesco!).

    On another occasion more recently at a Tesco Superstore checkout I scanned the QR code and the till said Clubcard Accepted and the cashier still wanted to be paid the £30. The Pay+ app history showed the transaction had gone through but the cashier was adamant that didn’t count and and accused me of trying to shoplift. Supervisor was called and the transaction was put “on hold” for investigation. Tesco later apologised and refunded the £30 as a gesture of goodwill (thanks Tesco!)

    There’s a new prepaid option that has appeared in the app. I seems to allow you to put your account up to £250 in credit. Might be handy for hitting an Amex spend target.

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