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Changes to the value of Clubcard vouchers – and Tesco didn’t give any notice

If you receive emails from Tesco you will have opened an email bearing bad news on Monday.

And if you don’t get emails from Tesco, because you didn’t opt in, I’m not sure when you were meant to here about this.

Without notice, Tesco has changed the value of their Clubcard vouchers when used for Clubcard Boost deals.

Here is what Tesco had to say:

Previously your vouchers were worth 2 times their value with some of our Reward Partners – and others were worth 4 times. We’ve decided to make things easier. From today, you’ll get 3 times the value of your vouchers across the majority of our Reward Partners

The wording made it almost sound like this is an improvement. But is it really?

With the current points collection period ending on 25th January, it’s worth checking whether your preferred Clubcard partner has gone up or down in value.  Remember that it is too late to redeem your existing vouchers if your chosen redemption, such as Pizza Express, has gone down from 4x to 3x.  Tesco didn’t tell you in advance.

Today I will look at the list of Clubcard partners that were previously 2x and are now 3x.  Tomorrow I will look at the list of redemption partners that were previously 4x face value and have gone down to 3x – but let’s do the good news first.

(You can get a peak on the Clubcard website here.  Note that most of the restaurant and days out tickets have taken a big hit.)

Tesco made it sound like there were lots of partners that have gone up in value by moving from 2x face value to 3x.  In reality there are only six (I think):


Home & Essentials:


Weren’t there more companies than this offering 2x face value?  Yes there were!  But …..

Two Clubcard partners that were previously on the 2 x face value list will, it seems, be scrapped in the next few weeks.  I am guessing this is because they didn’t want to be 3x partners but have a notice period in their contracts:

The following four partners which used to be ‘2x’ redemption partners appear to have been removed without notice:

  • Tesco Delivery Saver Plan (!)
  • Spafinder
  • Treatwell

With only six Clubcard partners having improved their value, four partners removed and two about to be removed, these changes are definitely not an improvement.

What is especially poor here is that Tesco has done it towards the end of a Clubcard collection period.  The current quarter ends on 25th January.  This means that customers already have 10 weeks of points sitting in Clubcard which will be released to them in early February – when it will be too late to cash in for deals at the old 4x rates.

Loyalty schemes are meant to work two ways, not one way.  If a shopper gives their business to a store based on the promise of certain rewards, it is totally unfair for those rewards to be taken away or reduced in value with absolutely no notice.

Unfortunately it looks like the Tesco Clubcard scheme is getting less and less attractive …..

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  1. Mr(s) Entitled says

    A reminder, if one was needed, that points carry credit exposure to the underlying company. Sometimes earn and burn is the way to go.

    Pretty disingenuous of Tesco to pretend that this is anything other than a devaluation.

  2. Tesco are also dropping several of their hotel partners at the end of January. Again no mention of this in the email

  3. APH going to 3 x is handy for me & it is the same as if just booking on their website, with the exception of codes and TCB

  4. Still 3x for Uber though, that’s the main one I use!

  5. Odd, I didn’t get the email but normally get emails I believe, certainly had a few about pay+ recently!

    TBH I’m surprised they’ve not lowered the earning rate as Sainsbury’s did a year or so ago. For redemption I’m only interested in avios

    • I’ve not had an email about this, either. And I get a whole load of useless mail from Tesco about other stuff, so it’s not that I’ve ticked a box for no communication.

  6. It’s worth remembering that they do not offer these reward schemes out of the kindness in their heart. The reason why supermarkets offer these loyalty schemes is so they can keep track of our spending habits to sell us more. If enough people stopped swipping their loyalty cards at checkout or cancelled them, then they may have to rethink about changing the rules to reward schemes that make them less attractive.

  7. Nice to see you quoted on the BBC News website!

  8. Paul Heaton says

    I genuinely believe Tesco clubcard management think members of the scheme are dumb. “We’ve decided to make things easier”. Why not be honest and declare a change that will benefit us i.e. Tesco.
    The points accrued were earned in a scheme with a declared redemption rate and without notice Tesco have changed it.
    Well my message is – I will shop at the new Aldi just built opposite my local Tesco and you know were to stick your poiints.

  9. John Cross says

    I thought the excuse of simplifying the system for customers was particularly weak and annoying. To behave well, TESCO should have given notice of this change. This will not encourage any brand loyalty.

  10. Geoffrey Sheppard says

    There must have been some way for them to have allowed customers to retain the previous value of points already earned, but change the value of points earned after the change date.

    We change ours directly to Avios, which may not be the best value, but then we don’t go to Pizza Express or buy much of what is on offer. Any word on whether that earning rate is changing?

  11. Well done Anika for being quoted on BBC News!

  12. Curiously it looks like you can still use Clubcard vouchers against the cost of Delivery Saver plans, just only at face value, rather than at 2x. I haven’t tried it, but that’s how I read the FAQ on the delivery saver website.

  13. Peter Cooper says

    I messaged Tesco on Facebook to add my complaint and got the following response…

    We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and we’ve decided to revert our Partners back to 4x value until 10 June 2018. We’ll ensure that any customer that has already redeemed their vouchers at 3x value will not lose out.

    So good news!

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