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Nectar Swipe and Win this weekend – guaranteed bonus points from today!

Swipe and Win is back. Sainsbury’s ‘you can’t lose’ prize draw starts TODAY and runs all weekend.

So make sure you’ve got your Nectar card in your wallet when you go shopping (I must confess that mine isn’t always in my wallet and I’ve had to order new cards twice already…).

swipe and win

From today until 23:59 on 4th February (Sunday) you will receive a Swipe and Win coupon with every transaction over £10 in store or online – delivery date must be between 2nd and 4th February.

This also works on petrol purchases!

You are GUARANTEED to win between 200 and 5,000 Nectar points when swiping your Nectar card.

You will win either 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500 or 200 Nectar points. Even if you get the smallest prize – which is likely! – you are getting £1 back on a £10 spend.

Of course there is some small print attached to this promotion:

  • Sainsbury’s Central and Local are excluded
  • Selected petrol stations are also excluded (check the website to find out which ones)
  • Qualifying spend excludes spirits and liqueurs, first stage baby milk products, National Lottery, Tobacco, gift vouchers, gift cards, prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, postage stamps, savings stamps, mobile phone vouchers, phone cards, e top-up, pay point payments, charity products and car park tickets
  • The Swipe and Win voucher cannot be redeemed online

However there is no limit on the number of entries. If you’ve got a lot of time you could do your big shop in smaller chunks (each over £10) and receive a Swipe and Win coupon with every transaction.

If you are filling up your car, buying petrol in £10 chunks means a 10% discount on your fuel!

The coupon has to be handed to a cashier or placed in a self-scan collection slot by 18th February to redeem your points – although it makes sense to redeem it on the spot if you’re not in a hurry.

Please post a comment here if you win a prize over 200 points!

(The rules in Northern Ireland are a bit different: No purchase necessary route available in Northern Ireland only. To enter please email by 23:59 on 4 February 2018 with your contact details and Nectar card number, and a coupon will be allocated to you and Nectar points added to your account within 28 days of the promotion ending. Notification of points prize will be via email. Only one no purchase necessary route per Northern Ireland customer)

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  1. It’s not currently working in beeston, Nottingham but the lady at customer services gave me 500 points

  2. Annika I store my cards in Bink then always have them with a barcode or at least the card number whenever I have my phone

  3. I keep my cards in my Android Pay wallet. I think Apple Wallet offers the same functionality. Android Pay even automatically brightens the screen to maximum to aid the scanner picking up the bar/QRcode.

  4. I’ve got the offer of 14000 nectar points for taking life insurance on my app again. I had the same last year and received the points. What’s the chance of getting them again?

    • Thanks for highlighting. Checked T&Cs and it notes “One set of Nectar points per plan sold, limited to two per household in a 12 month period”. I’ll have to wait another six months or so then…

  5. Needed to pump my car tyres up and grab £20 diesel… 200 extra points for me

  6. No swipe card for me buying £25 petrol at Swindon superstore Cant find the list that says which one arnt incuded in the game!

    • This is the exclusion list in the T&C Charlotte:

      Centrals and Locals, Sainsbury’s Cafés, Pay at Pump petrol stations, Sainsbury’s Local in connection with Euro Garages and the following petrol stations are excluded from the promotion: Aberdeen (Garthdee Road), Archer Road, Ballymena, Bath, Biddulph, Bishop’s Waltham, Blackpool, Braintree, Bridgemead, Burpham, Charlton Riverside (Greenwich), Chertsey, Cobham, Coleraine, Colne, Craigavon, Cramlington, Dartmouth, Dorridge, Dronfield, Dungannon, East Filton, East Kilbride, Edenthorpe (Thorne Road), Eltham, Ely, Forestside, Fosse Park, Glasgow Woodlands Local, Glen Road, Haverhill, Hazel Grove, Heaton, Newcastle, Kimberley, Livingston, Keighley, Hempstead Valley, Isle of Wight, Marshalswick Local, Meadowhall North, Meadowhall South, Morecambe, North Cheam, Northfield, Perton, Queens Road, Redditch, Shorehead, Solihull, Stratton, Taunton, Telford, Wakefield Ings Road, Wantage, Wednesfield, West Houghton, Whitehouse Farm, Worksop.

      • Watch out, this list is really unclear as it names the store location ONLY rather than the place the store is located in if you see what I mean. For example, my local store is Leicester Fosse Park. I checked the list, didn’t see ‘Leicester’ and assumed all was well.

        • but it does say Fosse Park.

          I think its any petrol station with no coupon spit machine installed.

  7. Godalming fuel fillup – 1st £10 got me 500 points – 2nd £10 won another 200 points – I will go back later with another car! Last time they ran this I got over £100 in points!

  8. Strangely received four coupons at self serve on a £10.21 spend – two for insurance products and a 500 and 200 bonus points !

  9. also works if you are buying gift cards. Bought one £10 Next gift card to see if it would work. 1000 points. Promptly bought another 500 points

    14 more cards to buy, that pays off next card

    • Gift cards are supposed to be excluded according to the the T&Cs

    • Yes, I have just bought a £10 Debenhams card on its own, and received a 500 point voucher, although the assistant told me as she processed it, I wouldn’t receive an extra points voucher! She then mumbled something as the voucher came out !!!

      • Yes had a similar experience buying ITunes card – received 500 points bonus
        Had to purchase at customer services as they apparently can’t be purchased via checkouts ? Staff member was equally perplexed about the bonus coupon . Might try again trmw . Three shops total of extra points 2,400 (£35 spend in total )

  10. I spent £40 in Sainsbury’s in Leeds this afternoon, two 200 point vouchers, a 500 point and a 2000 one!

    £14.50 rebate – not bad at all!!

  11. Best ever for me. Spent a tenner and got 500 points. Spent another tenner and got 5000. Third tenner only netted 200 but that still means I spent 30 quid and got 28.50 back !

  12. David Ward says

    After reading the email. Bought £12 fuel. and the result £25 voucher in points. Thank you HFP.

  13. dennis wake says

    Can i redeem my voucher at a fuel station it states on the voucher in store

  14. Can you use the points against petrol sales?

  15. Andy Plumb says

    On my first attempt at Paignton filling station £10 of fuel got me 5000 nectar points and a £1 off my next £10 spend in store! Got another 5 visits yet to fill up the car!

    • Final tally this weekend on my card:
      Then swapped to wife’s card: 1000,2000,1000,200.
      So £121 spend, £60 of nectar points received and £1 off a £10 shop! That’s better than half price!

  16. My mother got a 500 point coupon with £10 of shopping, a triple points coupon and “500 points when you spend £1”. Yes, £1 spend!

  17. Spent £10 in store yesterday and won 2000 points so my shopping was free. Gotta love that.

  18. Are pay and pump fuel stations excluded even if you opt to pay at the kiosk? Thanks

  19. Did well on our shop today £33 worth of points but the biggest bargain was £78.75 worth of cat treat Dreamies for £6.30. Sainsbury’s were selling them at 10p each instead of £1.25

  20. 2x 500 vouchers, one for fuel, one for shopping at Calcot (Reading branch). I had forgotten about the promotion so no chance to game it by splitting transactions, however that’s good enough for me.

  21. Andijs2000 says

    Nectar Sainsbury’s bonus worked a treat for us, although did get a couple of funny looks from the self checkout assistant after the 3rd time she had to do a manual intervention…. said it was because the voucher slots were ‘too full’ !
    Did our weekend shop Saturday, spent a total of £84.99 in 8 transactions, one after the other.
    Already had a 400 Nectar bonus coupon from our Xmas shopping target so used that on the first checkout.
    Then got:
    200, bonus vouchers which we used on the subsequent shops.
    Still have a 200 bonus Nectar points voucher for the next shop.
    Total spend: £84.99
    Total nectar points received/to claim (inc regular points and a triple bonus voucher redeemed on one of the £10 shops) = 3342 Nectar points worth £16.71.
    Not a bad return for a few extra minutes at the self checkout!
    Happy days.

  22. Managed to split our shop today into blocks of £10 to £11 each; total spend £63, vouchers received = 1000, 1000, 1000, 500, 500 and 200; £21 back on a £63 spend = 33% = RESULT!

    Thank you SP!

  23. Running short of time this weekend to shop but managed to get to local store by 3pm today.
    £10 petrol way in 200 pts
    £10 in store 500pts
    £10 in store 200 pts
    £10 petrol on way out 500pts so happy with 1400 pts in under an hour for £40 spend plus normal nectar points of course and including half price clothing item, clearance toy and reduced pack of cakes.

    Saw a few people buying just over £10 of petrol, hope they were lucky.

  24. hi, thanks for posting this! was busy all weekend but at 3.30 yesterday I got, 2000, 200, 500 and 5000 and 200. Nice!

  25. Nicholas Davey says

    Had about 15 coupons to hand in today after a weekend of splitting bills, fuel etc. Self important cashier decides that they would only take 1 single coupon with each shop and sent me to customer services.
    Same story at CS who swore blind that I could only do one at a time. When I stood there and asked for refunds on today’s shop and would re-buy everything one item at a time did the till miraculously take all 15 of the coupons.
    So, don’t take this nonsense from Sainsburys check-out staff or CS staff and insist of them all being credited at once.

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