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Should you get a Morrisons More loyalty card?

I’ve tried finding a good extra points offer for today’s article, but wasn’t very successful.

Instead of sending out a blank email, I thought I could take a look at the Morrisons More card.

morrissons card save more money

I must confess I’ve only shopped at Morrisons about three times since moving to London – and that was 7 1/2 years ago, mainly due to the fact that I’ve never had one around the corner.

This doesn’t mean that we’ve never covered Morrisons in the past. They used to have a great scheme called Fuel Saver where you could save money on fuel when purchasing gift cards. Unfortunately they scrapped this scheme in June 2016 and instead started to offer 25 Morrisons More points when purchasing gift cards.

What is Morrisons More?

Morrisons More is Morrisons loyalty scheme. You can only earn and spend at Morrisons.

How do you earn points?

You earn Morrisons More Points on fuel, at Morrisons Cafés, in store and online.

  • 10 points per litre when you buy fuel at Morrisons
  • 5 Morrisons More Points for every £1 you spend at Morrisons Café
  • 5 Morrisons More Points for every £1 you spend online or in store at Flower Shop, Garden Centre and Pharmacy
  • 25 Morrisons More Points for every £1 you spend on gift card purchases of £10+

What can I do with my points?

For every 5,000 points that you earn you will get a £5 voucher that you can use in store.

Morrisons more

Is it worth it?

If you only shop in store and don’t buy gift cards, you have to spend £1,000 to receive a £5 voucher. This is a cashback of 0.5%.

Buying gift cards is a good way of boosting the cashback. A £10 gift card will give you 250 Morrisons points which means if you buy 20 gift cards a la £10 you will receive your £5 voucher. You will have spent £200 to receive the £5 voucher. – this is a cashback of 2.5%.

Throughout the year Morrisons runs bonus points promotions in store as well as online and you will also receive personalised coupons to earn more points.

One of the offers we have covered in the past is a very lucrative one. Get 6,250 points with selected £50 gift cards.


If you shop in Morrisons a lot and haven’t got a Morrisons More card yet, it’s definitely worth getting one.

I also recommend getting one in case you buy lots of gift cards due to the earning rate and the generous bonus points offers throughout the year.

Let us know about your experience with Morrisons More in the comments.

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  1. Especially good if buying large purchases from Amazon. Last Christmas I bought £200 of Amazon gift cards, loaded them to my account, (used the HFP / SP link 😉 ) and made my purchases.

  2. Yep, I’d join to get the card. They’ve sent me 2 bonus points weekend offer, 4000 points IIRC; stacked with the Virgin Atlantic Shops Away ‘new’ Morrison’s customer offer, worked out well.

    • yes I got another targeted email this week too… in the past these have been £4/£5 worth of points back on a £40-50 spend. (my average spend is about £40-50, so it was achievable)

      unfortunately because I bought the max allowance of gift cards in Jan, they now think my average spend is much (much) higher – so my personalised offer this time is 12,000 points back on a £120 spend! no chance of doing that considering they don’t include gift cards in that target and there’s no special promo running.

      Someone at Morrisons needs to realise that when calculating the target for these personalised targets, they need to exclude gift card purchases from past transaction data.

  3. If you can redeem the gift vouchers in store (at Morrisons), then why not buy gift cards and spend them yourself. You might get even more points spending them!

  4. One thing we did, was buy them in bulk there in Jan this year. With the extra bonus £5 l got with all our Waitrose, M and S, Amazon GCs. Was able to buy loads of visa £50 gift cards with fee, to pay our CTX. bill in advance. Also was spending towards our next BA 241 voucher. So knew we would use the Waitrose GCs now for the next few weeks. Quite annoying it’s our only utility we can’t pay with amex. But this is a fussy way round it, and we are still quids in. So def a plus when they do the bonus points. The odd offer comes through too. Spend so much…. and you get a bonus 5000 points.

  5. We used to buy up to £100 of Christmas savings stamps every year alongside our normal shopping. Then More (originally Match & More) came along, and we realized that we could acquire “£5 Christmas shopping stamps” without any extra outlay on our part. We are now in our third year of doing this. The vouchers have a “use by” date at least 12 months out from the date of issue, so saving them for Christmas is ideal. I understand that there is a maximum voucher spend of £50 per shop, but then the shopping can be spread out across December – drinks (early), non-perishables (middle), perishables (last minute).

    • I don’t think there is a max voucher spend of £50 per shop – I redeemed £65 on my last visit (13 x £5 vouchers).

      In January, when the 5000 extra points on £50 GCs was on, there was a limit of one £50 GC purchase per transaction (in my local store at least), but all that happened was they called a supervisor to authorise.

  6. Timbosaurus says

    I made a fortune from Morrisons a few months back, doing manufactured spend with their Saver Stamps. You could buy 100 of them for £1 each, then buy a single item with the full book and get the entire change in cash. I was churning about £500 a day through my Amex cards to earn points and sign-up bonuses. Had a couple of the local branches call the police on me, and had some hairy moments with store management, but after getting head office on the phone, they relented. They changed the policy nationwide shortly after that, probably because of me!

  7. Morrisons are been very active right now, I’ve had. 4 4000 vouchers when you spend £40 or more coupons at the till plus one by email this month, PLUS lots of bonus offers on stuff we buy .(dog and cat food) which is already cheaper than Tesco, so right now this does all for us

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