It’s back: 1 extra Clubcard point per £4 when using Pay +

Clubcard and Pay + have brought back their extra Clubcard points offer when using Pay +!

Pay +, if you haven’t heard about it, used to be PayQwiq, but was changed to Pay + (say Pay Plus) a while ago – which looks a bit silly but is easier to pronounce and spell.

It’s Tesco’s payment app which let’s you pay your shopping and automatically collect Clubcard points.

Pay +

Pay + works a bit like Apple or Android Pay, but collects your Clubcard points as you pay and let’s you spend up to £250 in one transaction.

Until 31st December 2018 you will get 1 extra Clubcard point for every £4 spent.

This is a pretty decent offer and an easy way to pick up some extra points.

You can read more about Pay + here. You will still receive all your usual loyalty points from your credit card too.

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  1. Typo: Not sure “Tomorrow” is the 31st December 🙂

  2. Ye gods! Where has the year gone ?

    (The article says the offer lasts until *tomorrow* – 31st December!)

  3. Beansmum says:

    Pay + is marvellous … when it works. Unfortunately it has decided to stop working for me. Reloaded it twice now and still not working. Anyone else had the same issues?

    • If it’s Android, have you allowed all the requested permissions? I had issues with a new phone when I denied!

    • I had a problem using Amex and Pay Plus a couple of weeks ago. The till was saying the transaction couldn’t be processed, but it was, and I ended up paying twice. I got the money back a couple of days later. It has worked fine since then.

  4. Karen young says:

    I have spents 100s each month for over twelve months and only got 65 points why’s that

    • give Tesco a call
      for some reason they had opened a new clubcard account for me and the bonuses went into that
      couldn’t explain why but they quickly offered to merge them so I suspect i wasn’t the only one

  5. Has anyone done the maths on whether you should use Pay+ at Tesco petrol? I think the previous conclusion was you should use your Tesco debit card as a Clubcard, then pay at pump with your best earning Amex. Does the extra 1 cc point per £4 make it worth going into the kiosk and paying with Pay+??

    • Would it not be to use Tesco MC as your Clubcard @ 1 points per £ spend, then use Pay+ linked to your tesco debit card to earn another 1 points per £ plus extra 1 x point per £4 spent.

      • Good thinking. I only have Tesco visa debit card though, not Tesco credit MC. Can you use tesco debit card as Clubcard, then use Pay+, also linked to Tesco debit card? Or would it recognise it as the same transaction and only issue 1 set of points?

        • Will Squires says:

          Yepp, Tesco Bank give extra points when you use the Debit Card via Pay +, so you get standard Tesco Clubcard points, 1 extra point per £ spent from Tesco Bank and 1 extra point per £4 spend from Pay+.

          So on a grocery basket worth £8 you will get 8 + 8 + 2 points.

  6. I have used Pay+ at Tesco petrol stations 2 or 3 times now, and the receipt always shows the standard number of points added. E.g. yesterday I paid £88 and apparently received 44 points as per my receipt. Am I missing something?

    • The extra 1 point per £4 I don’t think shows up on your receipt, it gets added to your account later.

    • Will Squires says:

      In order to get the most clubcard points out of fuel, you need to give them your Tesco Bank card and tell them to use it as a clubcard (e.g. do not actually pay using it). This will ensure you get 1 ‘base’ point per £ spent.

      You can then pay using Pay +, so you will then get:
      1 pt per £ on fuel from Tesco
      1 pt per £ spent on your Tesco Bank Debit Card from Tesco Bank
      1 pt per £4 spent from Pay+

      • Fantastic. Thanks for confirming this. Do you know if the Clubcard number stored in Pay+ must be the same or different to the CC number on the debit card, in order to maximise the points? Thanks again.

        • I had to,change the Clubcard number on my CC account to the CC number on the debit card to get it all to work. You can do it all online. Then when u spend £4 in store or at petrol you get 4+4+1 CC pts for spending £4

          • Thanks for that Liz (and others). I’ve foolishly not changed my CC number to that on my Tesco Bank Debit Card to get the extra points.

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