Save £5 on short haul British Airways flights using £2.08 of Clubcard vouchers

We don’t normally talk about air miles on Shopper Points – we leave that to our sister site Head for Points. It is a complicated topic and you can easily waste your Clubcard vouchers if you convert them to British Airways or Virgin Atlantic miles and don’t know what you’re doing.

I did want to highlight one interesting British Airways feature which can benefit anyone, however few points they have – ‘Part Pay With Avios’.

‘Part Pay With Avios’ is very simple. It allows you to use British Airways Avios points to reduce the cost of a cash British Airways ticket booked on It is a simple process and something which anyone should be able to follow even if they know very little about frequent flyer miles.

This is the ‘Part Pay With Avios’ page on

If you are looking at booking a British Airways flight, you could use your Clubcard vouchers to make a saving.

The more vouchers you convert, the worse the saving you get! Remember that 1 Clubcard point converts into 2.4 British Airways Avios points.

This is what you can save (EDIT: we messed up the maths earlier but this is now corrected!)

Short haul flight in Economy from London to Hamburg:

500 Avios points (£2.08 of Clubcard vouchers) = £5 saving  – this is the best deal

1,250 Avios points (£5.21 of Clubcard vouchers) = £10 saving

2,750 Avios points (£11.46 of Clubcard vouchers) = £20 saving

5,000 Avios points (£20.83 of Clubcard vouchers) = £30 saving

8,000 Avios points (£33.33 of Clubcard vouchers) = £40 saving

The best deal is the smallest one. You will get 2.4x the face value of your Clubcard vouchers.

British Airways

Long haul flight in Economy from London to New York:

2,000 Avios points (£8.33 of Clubcard vouchers) = £20 saving

4,200 Avios points (£17.50 of Clubcard vouchers) = £30 saving

8,400 Avios points (£35 of Clubcard vouchers) = £60 saving

Again, the best deal is the smallest one at 2.4x the face value of your Clubcard vouchers.

Whilst 2.4x savings are not necessarily the best Clubcard deals, they are ‘clean’ offers. You won’t find any other way of discounting a BA flight so it is a genuine saving.  This isn’t always the case with other Clubcard deals such as restaurant vouchers.

You can also get discounts on Premium Economy and Business / First Class flights but I haven’t shown the details here to keep things simple.

It is important to know that you cannot discount the cost of your flight to zero. BA insists that the ‘taxes and charges’ element of your flight cost is paid in cash. On a £100 short haul flight, you would probably be able to discount £60 maximum.

The page to convert Clubcard points to British Airways Avios points is here. You need to open a free British Airways Executive Club account at first.

Note that you can only convert in multiple of 50 points so, in the first example above, you would need to convert £5.50 of vouchers and not £5.21 in order to save £10. Points usually transfer across overnight.

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  1. Why is the £10 reduction on Short Haul the best deal? Surely eth £5 deal offers the best exchange rate?

  2. I agree, if 500 Avios gives £5 off (costing £2.08 in vouchers), that’s better value than 1250 Avios (costing £5.21 in vouchers) for £10 saving? Of course, whether you can be bothered is another matter.

  3. I don’t think it’s true any more that you need to pay he full taxes and charges in cash. Looking at a £347 fare to Boston you can still reduce the fare by £130 for 23,500 avios despite the actual fare being only £1.

    Not a great return on your miles but I’d imagine some people would be interested in flying to the USA for not much more than £200 in a cash outlay

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