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Earn Nectar points when filling out surveys – Plus 50 bonus points for your first survey

Nectar has launched a new way of earning Nectar points: Nectar Canvass.

What is Nectar Canvass?

Nectar Canvass is like Shopper Thoughts a platform were users are being rewarded for filling out surveys.

Members will be sent surveys via email or can log into their account and fill out as many surveys as they like.

For every survey members earn up to 120 Nectar points. These will be added to your account within 28 days.

Signing up

You can either sign up with your email address or your Facebook profile.

New members will get 50 bonus points for filling out their first survey and everyone is being entered into a quarterly prize draw with the chance to win 10,000 Nectar points.

It obviously depends on how much you value your time whether this is a good return, but if you’re bored it might be a good way to earn a few bonus points.

You can sign up here.





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  1. Roger 1 says

    Do I want another survey opportunity? No.
    Have I a short time while waiting for transport? Er, OK, let’s give it a go.

    I completed the questionnaire – well, 97% only as the system wouldn’t accept my car details. And how many surveys do I qualify for? Er, none. 😀

    In short, the questionnaire is very long and intrusive. (Sexual orientation? Who wants to know?)

    A bit longer, it’s dreadful. It seems to be a US questionnaire, modified for UK use, e.g. language such as ‘auto’ insurance, select from numerous TV channels watched including many US only. AFAIK Siriius and Xthingy are US-only satellite radio services. I’m in the UK and don’t listen to them.

    It’s also quite out of date. For example, how many of us operate current accounts with Alliance & Leicester or Girobank or other banks no longer operating?

    What ITV region are you in? Carlton/LWT? Meridian? etc? I don’t think so. It’s just ITV these days (except for STV, UTV and Channel, I think).

    I don’t think I’ll be earning many Nectar points from surveys.

    Wait, checking my e-mail, there’s a message from Nectar asking me to activate my account. Clicking, I’m asked to supply name, surname, postcode, gender, d.o.b,, Nectar card number etc. Hang on! I’ve already done that via the link above.

    Now where’s my car?

  2. Roger 1 says

    OT: While mentioning loyalty e-mails, I’ve just received an e-mail from ‘Tesco’ – actually Customer service | Tesco from an office in Ferndale MI USA – asking me to click on one of three opinions on the comfort level at my local Tesco

    I clicked on ‘junk’.

  3. Roger 1 says

    The ‘Tesco’ e-mail address didn’t follow. It was apparently from

  4. Roger Williams says

    My PC crashed during registration ( a VERY rare event) and when I re-filled it I got ‘Invalid Information’. When I eventually completed the process the confirmation email that I need to click on just disappeared, as did several ‘resends’. Not in Spam, All mail, or anywhere else.

    Treat with caution.

  5. Colin Yeomans says

    Been doing Nectar Canvass for several months now and earned well over 4000 points and I’m at Platinum Level. It easy to do on a commute to and from work. Ok so 4000 points isn’t a lot but it passes time sitting on a train when most of them take between 10-20 mins…

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