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Ever since Tesco announced the closure of Tesco Direct on 9th July we have been struggling to find good content.

This is why we have decided to reduce our 5 articles per week to 3 a week. We believe publishing less articles with good content is better than sending out rubbish.

Hopefully we will see more extra Clubcard points offers on Tesco.com after the 9th July. Fingers crossed.

Today’s article:

You might have heard about Clubcard’s Christmas Saver, but you will have never read about it on Shopper Points. As Tesco has started promoting Christmas Saver heavily again, we thought it might be time to look at it.

The main reason we’ve been ignoring this scheme is that it doesn’t necessarily help you maximise your Clubcard points.

Let me explain why.

Christmas Saver lets Clubcard points collectors save up their Clubcard vouchers throughout the year, top them up with cash and Tesco sends all vouchers out in time for Christmas.

The idea is basically to have a large amount of Clubcard vouchers available to spend on food, presents etc.

Topping up

You can top up your voucher balance with cash at checkout or at the customer service desk from as little as 50p up to an annual maximum of £360.

This is the chart for bonus vouchers:

£25 – £49.50 top up = £1.50 bonus
£50 – £99.50 top up = £3 bonus
£100 – £199.50 top up = £6 bonus
£200 – £360 top up = £12 bonus

This all sounds quite good, until you check the T&Cs.

Christmas savers top-up vouchers cannot be used on Clubcard partners or converted into Airmiles/BA miles‘.

So unless you do prefer to spend all your Tesco Clubcard vouchers in store, Christmas Saver is not a great way to maximise your Clubcard points balance.

If you do decide to sign uo to Christmas Saver, 16th October is the last day to top up in order to receive a bonus. All vouchers will be sent with the November statement.

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  1. It’s only the top-up vouchers though, surely, that have to be spent in Tesco? So eg say you accumulate 5000 points throughout the year and then stick £200 in to get top up vouchers. You will then have £212 worth of points to spend in store, plus 5000 to spend on partners. So if you would have spent the £200 in Tesco anyway, it’s worth it for the free £12.

    At least that’s how I read it!

    • I don’t understand the numbers here or in the article. If you have 5000 points, that’s worth £50 in Tesco, right? So if you top up £200 and only end up with £212 vouchers then you have lost value?

      • No you’ll still earn CC points on the spend when you use the vouchers. So they give you the £200 back, plus £12 bonus. Any other CC vouchers you’ve earned can be used at partners as normal.

      • Sorry, to clarify. To get the most value out of Tesco points, you shouldn’t really spend them in Tesco but with partners (eg exchange them into Pizza Express coupons where you get 3x their value).

        I was just pointing out that from my point of view, Christmas Saver is still worth doing if you would have spent the £200 in Tesco anyway. You can still keep your other points you have accumulated through the year, to spend on partners.

  2. Don’t forget you can always report on some of the other deals around, such as with Morrisons More points, they have a very generous offer at the moment on Gift cards. Buy a £25 Halfords voucher for example and get the standard 25 More points per £ of spend plus an additional 5000 points worth £5.
    They also had a similar offer on covering £50 John Lewis and Amazon vouchers recently but that seems to have expired now.

    • +1 more Morrisons More please!!

      • Unfortunately I do not live near a Morrisons and they rarely advertise their bonus points offers online. But if anyone sees offers in store, please send me an email with images and I can write up an article to share with everyone.

    • Andrew M says

      May have ended as was promoted as a Father’s Day promotion. And was slightly different than previous promotions – as you actually did not get the standard more points plus 5,000. Just a total of 5,000 (check your receipt). Cheapest option was £20 Pizza Express. So effectively £5 back in your pocket, for future spending at Morrisons. Previously, where you got the base points too, you needed to purchase a higher value gift card – so fair’s fair.

      • I checked my receipts and I did get the standard 25 points per £ and the bonus 5000, on all 3 of the £50 John Lewis vouchers I purchased, maybe you were done…

    • Indeed – I never buy direct from Amazon, buy gift cards in Morrison’s first!

      • the real harry1 says

        I buy mine in Tesco…(MOCs)

        • I only rarely get those now – perhaps once a quarter if I’m lucky? Use them when I get them but then normally need more at other times so Morrisons works well for those 😀

  3. I think Harry reported recently there is a trick that i deduce works along these lines? You get your up to £300 Xmas voucher and spend £1 of it on groceries. Next quarter you then get a refund of 29900 normal Clubcard points to spend on whatever you want. I haven’t done this myself but would like to know if it works!

    • the real harry1 says

      that wouldn’t work because you are not allowed to overpay for Groceries in store or online using these ‘Tesco only’ vouchers, ie (here) there’s never a situation where you get change from an overpayment

  4. I don’t quite get what the issue is? I always just do it at the very end of the available window – the money that you put into Christmas Saver and the bonus vouchers are all only for instore use, but your normal CC vouchers are available as usual. It’s a free £12 for letting Tesco hang on to £200 for a few months, which seems pretty decent at a 6% rate…

    • the real harry1 says

      Just a week is fine

      • Ah, I didn’t remember them sending the vouchers out that quickly. I always pay in at the last minute but thought they didn’t get sent out for quite a few weeks.

    • We shop in Tesco. We turn on xmas saver in early Oct (so as to not delay other vouchers) and then each top up £200, so £400. This yields £24 “profit”, a reasonable return for the short period of time “invested” This £424 needs to be spent in Tesco. Other vouchers earned from Tesco shopping / printer inks (hopefully not RIP) can be converted to avios / Uber etc.

      • I get it now. Thanks Genghis! Perhaps December one might be able to buy £424 worth of nowtv boxes in store…!

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