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Tesco to launch ‘Faster Vouchers’ – no more waiting for vouchers

As reported by moneysavingsexpert, Tesco is planning to announce a big change to its Clubcard scheme.

From next month on Clubcard members will be able to convert their points into vouchers whenever they want.

Currently you have to wait for your quarterly Clubcard points statement in order to receive and spend vouchers.

From 28th August there will be no more waiting and vouchers can be spent more spontaneously.

Clubcard members will be able to log into their account at any given time and convert their points directly into vouchers.

What are the key points?

According to MSE:

  • you can convert your points online via the app or website
  • you need to have at least 150 points to convert them
  • you have to convert all your points at once rounded down to the nearest £0.50
  • you will receive your vouchers within 24 hours
  • vouchers will expire after 21 months (currently 24 months)

The key changes are ‘immediate’ voucher conversion and a reduced expiration period.

Immediate voucher conversion can come in handy when you have a good amount of points sitting in your account and want to plan a day out or need some Uber credit. I do, however, believe that it will also encourage customers to use their points straight away in store rather than maximising their value via a Clubcard Boost deal.

That vouchers expire after 21 months could also be an issue and might push some members to using their points in store to avoid expiration rather than saving up vouchers.

These changes have not been confirmed yet, but there are rumours that Tesco will send out an email on 13th August with all information.  We will see …..

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  1. It’s hard to imagine anyone having a good amount of points at the moment. The days of me worrying about hitting the 30,000 point cap are a distant memory.

    • True, I’m just about scraping £1.50 worth each quarter these days, and half of that is from the Tesco views surveys

      • So true…. I currently got 79 points in my account…

        • i still get about 800 a quater tho only due to hp301s still being worth 175 points each via the recycling factory, and those being the ones i personally use in my printer at a rate of about 3 emptys each quarter so 525 from those alone, the rest from normal shopping (tho thinking i will move all my shopping to iceland as i can get that all for a free efficeivte cost every month with a little extra buy to recycle and using zeek credit)

          tho ya 800 is still a long cry from 30000

          tho nothing really worth spending points on at tescos anyways

  2. William Wood says

    Any word about automatic conversion to avios?

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