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Tesco Clubcard partner Redspottedhanky to be scrapped

Remember the changes to Clubcard back in June? (If you don’t you’ve probably been living under a rock the last few months). All redemptions were simplified to 3x face value.

This meant for a large number of redemptions do go down from 4x face value and only four to go up from 2x face value.

One of the redemption partners to go up from 2x was RedSpottedHanky – and we saw a lot of positive comments about this.


But times are changing and Clubcard wouldn’t be Clubcard if it didn’t continue to introduce negative changes.

From 31st January you are no longer able to redeem your Clubcard vouchers for RedSpottedHanky credit. The credit you do redeem has to be spent within six months.

Unfortunately this is not the only change that has been released. Europcar will leave the Clubcard scheme after 24th February 2019 and there are rumours about more changes to partners.

For now this will leave us with the only other good redemption partner: UBER. If you are using UBER anyway, the 3 x face value redemption partner should be your number one.

You can exchange your Clubcard vouchers for RedSpottedHanky credit here until 31st January 2019.



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  1. Any rumours re as a partner Anika?

  2. It won’t be long before Nectar is better value than Clubcard……unthinkable!

  3. Clubcard gone totally downhill over the last 12 months. It’s all very well them trying to save money, but this is getting ridiculous.

  4. David Butcher says

    Very disappointing news. Red Spotted Hanky has been the main attraction of Clubcard for me for some time now – even when it was 2x value. It seriously reduces the appeal of Clubcard/Tesco for me to lose this redemption – although I will certainly take more advantage now of the Uber option. Andrew (above) jests about Nectar but I have to say that Tesco seem to be going out of their way to reduce the appeal of Clubcard.

  5. Just received email from Tesco notifying me that Odeon Cinema are leaving Clubcard Rewards on 30th November.

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