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Limited Time – Caffe Nero Nectar redemption 1,000 points for five drinks!

+++ Caffe Nero is no longer a Nectar redemption partner +++

We’ve discussed in previous posts that Caffe Nero is one of the better Nectar redemption partners.

For 350 Nectar points you can get a:

  • Caffè Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Macchiato
  • Americano
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Flat White
  • Tea
  • Frappe Milkshake
  • Frappe Latte
  • Frappe Crème
  • Fruit Booster
  • Italian Iced Lemonade

at a Caffe Nero store. ANY size, not just small.

This is definitely better value than using your points at Sainsbury’s. With some of the frappe drinks you may be hitting £3 for a large size which is more than 0.8p per Nectar point.

There is currently a special offer

On the Nectar/Nero page you can currently get five drinks for 1,000 Nectar points!


If you click on the ‘get voucher code’ button on the Caffe Nero/Nectar page you will see this:


Which means you can either use the usual 350 Nectar points for one drink or get five drinks for 1,000 – if your balance allows it.

You will get five individual codes which means you don’t have to drink five coffees at once – though I could probably do that.

Vouchers should be valid for 12 months so you have plenty of time to use them. 1.5p of value per Nectar point is easily achieved as you can order any size of drink you want.

The Caffe Nero/Nectar page is here.

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  1. Matthew Goode says

    Is it better to spend points on this now or to wait for the Sainsbury’s Double Up promotion?

    • Nick Burch says

      There’s normally a fairly low limit on the amount you can double up in each department, so unless you think you’ll want stuff from multiple departments, this may be a better deal for most of your points (assuming you drink coffee out, and save enough for doubling up in the departments you do use!)

    • Will Sainsbury’s actually be running a double up promotion again? I thought this had been culled…..

  2. Nick Burch says

    Not sure about the 12 months validity, mine have come through with an expiration date of the app as 1st July!

    I think you might need to put each hot drink through as a different purchase, just tried to buy two coffees with two vouchers and the till would only accept the first…

  3. The_Real_A says

    Although beware getting a large drink as i learnt today… no extra coffee, just topped up with more water/milk. Grim, and tastes like cat`s…..

  4. Nick Burch says

    New problem – most of the codes I’ve been sent don’t work! Spent several embarrassing minutes in a Caffe Nero today trying code after code until one was accepted by the till, trying both QR codes and the numeric code below. According to the surprisingly patient barrista, I’m not the first person in the last few days to be having problems with the codes…

    • Hi Nick

      Have you managed to resolve this issue with Nectar? What was the issue?


      • Nick Burch says

        Several phone calls (unable to help, needs another department to reply) and emails (won’t help, don’t even bother reading the email properly) and I’m still none the wiser on the problem source or resolution! They seem to have pulled redemptions, so it’s clearly a major issue. Having gone through 20+ vouchers to get 4 coffees, I’ve now given up even trying to use them, until Nectar hopefully sort it. That said, given they’ve also promised several times to phone back or that an email will get it solved, and neither has proved remotely true, I’m not holding my breath for any kind of speedy effective solution…

      • Nick Burch says

        After 2 emails and 3 phone calls, plus several failures of Nectar to call me back as promised, they’ve finally admitted they’ve massively cocked up, and pretty much every voucher issued around the promotion won’t work and will never work! They’re not, however, yet telling people about it… Apparently still investigating how many people are affected, how best to tell them, and how to avoid looking bad

        After some pressure, they’ve refunded me all the points, but won’t (can’t?) re-issue working vouchers instead at the offer price

  5. Clair Smith says

    Can’t believe nectar are having another ‘technical problem’ again when trying to redeem 1000 points for 5 Caffè Nero VoucherCodes, I’ve purposely made purchases to up my points so as to get this offer in time for the 31st deadline! I’m absolutely disgusted & think this is quite dishonest of nectar, if they don’t get this back up & running in time for the deadline they should be awarding points or honouring the original deal/offer??

  6. Simon Cross says

    Can I “gift” these vouchers to someone else or would I have to be there to “treat them” to a coffee?

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