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Nectar Christmas Double Up has returned – Exchange your Nectar points online now

Nectar and Sainsbury’s have launched their Christmas Double Up promotion.

This year you can either exchange your Nectar points for Double Up vouchers in store or online.

From now until 4th November you can exchange your Nectar points for Double Up voucher online here. Vouchers will be sent to you by post which means you need to check if your details are up to date.

You need a minimum of 1,000 points and can exchange up to a maximum of 20,000 points

5,000 Nectar points usually gets you a £25 voucher but during the Double Up promotion you will get a £50 voucher.

Nectar double up

How do I exchange my points in store?

If you want to exchange your points in store, you can do so from 5th November until 18th November.

You can exchange your Nectar points at the customer service desk at major Sainsbury’s stores. Sainsbury’s Locals are excluded.

How do I use my vouchers?

You can spend your vouchers between 12th and 18th November.

Unlike previous years you can only spend your vouchers in-store and not online.

I have confirmation from Sainsbury’s that you do not have to choose your category before exchanging your points!

And you can spend your double up vouchers across all 11 categories that are taking part in this Double Up promotion.

The following departments are included:

  • Tu Clothing
  • Electricals
  • Toys
  • Entertainment
  • Taste the Difference: Wine, Champagne, Sparkling, Sherry & Port
  • Homeware and
  • Seasonal
  • Fragrance
  • Cosmetics
  • Skincare
  • Gifting.

You must spend your vouchers by 18th November.

You can redeem your Nectar double up vouchers here.

More information and the T&Cs can be found in the here.

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  1. So I can spend the points on 11 categories in oe purchase? Example: I have 10×2= £20 worth of points. Can I buy for £12 wine, £5 toys, £3 skincare or does it have to go in one category?

    • I’ve sent an email to Sainsbury’s to get clarification.

      • I was just sent the official T&Cs which say:

        ‘Any voucher can be used in any included category, and multiple categories can be used against a voucher’

        So to reply to Samuel’s question, yes you can 🙂

    • I was just sent an email by someone at Sainsbury’s saying ‘Any voucher can be used in any of the eleven categories, the category does not need to be chosen in advance.’
      And the full T&Cs say:
      ‘Any voucher can be used in any included category, and multiple categories can be used against a voucher’

      So to reply to Samuel’s question, yes you can

  2. So just to be clear – the only alcoholic categories included are those branded TTD?

  3. Very interested in this offer but in previous years it was very complicated with the set departments rule.

    Doing a dummy transaction online there is no option to select a department. I suspect that maybe this is for online vouchers and when they do the in store version you will need to select a department as in previous years.

    I also assume you can use as many vouchers in one transaction and due to the fact there is no change given unless under 5p the most logical thing to do is buy the smallest denomination i.e. 20 x £10 vouchers to maximum £200.

    I do wonder if you buy online if you can also buy in store when that becomes available.

    Finally is there a way to move nectar points to my wife as I have a large balance and wouldn’t mind redeeming more than the maximum allowed for an individual through this promo.

  4. In this day and age the requirement to use snail mail is just ridiculous. We’re abroad for 3 weeks so no chance we can use this offer!

  5. Sainsburys system appears to have let me get £300 (over the maximum of £200) worth of vouchers?

    Will keep people posted as to whether the full] £300 actually turns up. I was going to get a PS4 with the £200, but will upgrade to us the PS4 Pro if they let me loose with the full £300

  6. rob(staaaar) says

    What chance of using redeemed double-up vouchers at an instore Argos?

  7. Lindsey Weeks says

    Sounds great

  8. so can you use multiple vouchers for 1 item then?

  9. Any reason the Nextar website is consistently giving me an error with an “incident number”? I am in Greece on an iPad.

  10. Had a panic when I thought the deadline was today, but that’s just for exchanging online. I will prefer to exchange in store given I can check the TTD wine is in store before committing to release vouchers

  11. My wife £200 of vouchers today. The ‘What’s In’ list is much more detailed that the list on line. So ‘Video Games’ are included under entertainment but consoles are not specifically mentioned.

    Also, does anyone know what happens if you return something?

  12. Got my £200 in £10 denominations for simplicity of change today – 4 seperate envelopes with 60/60/60/20 in them…. Bit of a waste!

  13. So the good news is that consoles ARE included. The bad news is that Sainsbury’s POS systems will only accept two vouchers per transaction. I found this to be the case in two separate stores today.

    This two-voucher restriction is not stated anywhere in the Ts & Cs but ‘computer says no’ so you may need to involve the store manger to get them to override the system.

    Obviously, if you are buying booze you can split your purchase into multiple transactions but it is still a PITA.

    • Supervisor can override it, doesn’t need to be a manager. That does explain why the first two vouchers were fine, then it took 3 staff (including two with supervisor logins) to force the remaining two vouchers through…

  14. Had no problem with redeeming £300 vouchers on a PS4 plus games. Seems the £200 limit is in no way hard wired into Sainsbury’s system.

  15. The deadline is tomorrow, Sunday 18th November. I am back from Greece and hoping to maximise my use of this offer.

    My question is: all the specific drinks categories must ‘Taste the Difference’ but what does ‘Seasonal’ mean. If I click on ‘Christmas’ on the website, there are many non TTD alcoholic drinks shown, e.g. Baileys, Jack Daniels, Harveys Bristol Cream and even Gordon’s Drink. Would these be included? Any reports?

    Thanks in advance.

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