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No more Clubcard points from Esso and no more Nectar points from BP

As you may have seen if you saw me quoted in The Sunday Times yesterday, there is a major shift underway in petrol station loyalty, with Tesco Clubcard seeing another major blow.

From June 2019, BP is withdrawing from Nectar. The company is apparently planning to launch a stand-alone loyalty scheme, potentially similar to Shell Drivers Club, although there are no details yet.

BP has announced that it will be rolling out more Marks & Spencer Simply Food outlets at its garages, so there are potentially some options to work with the – pretty pathetic – M&S Sparks scheme which we looked at in this article.

At the same time, Esso is withdrawing from Tesco Clubcard.

At present, you can earn Clubcard points  when you buy petrol or in-store items at Esso garages. This Shopper Points article explains the complex earning structure.

Esso will then join Nectar. This is a little surprising, since Nectar is now wholly owned by Sainsburys and the main Esso retail partner in the UK is …. Tesco.

Unless there are plans to replace all of the Tesco stores at Esso garages with Sainsburys outlets, you are going to be in the weird position of being able to earn Nectar points – but not Clubcard points – at Tesco stores in Esso garages!

This is another blow for Clubcard.  Following the departure of E.ON, TopCashback, Blackcircles etc as third-party earning partners, as well as the closure of Tesco Direct and Tesco Wine (both of which were generous with bonus point promotions) Clubcard is becoming a purely in-store Tesco scheme.

I don’t understand the logic here – Clubcard was, without a doubt, the most successful loyalty scheme launched in the UK in my lifetime.  It has been sacrificed in the name of ‘simplifying’ Tesco (which really means getting rid of all of the loss-making bits) but with pressure from Aldi and Lidl increasing it makes no sense to wreck the one thing still keeping many shoppers loyal.

I am also baffled as to why Esso wants to hitch its wagon to the train wreck that is Nectar – the loyalty scheme which, as far as I can tell, does not actually drive any loyalty. Strange days!

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  1. Clubcard is starting to look doomed. Gradually, the earning opportunities are being withdrawn or closed. The redemptions have been devalued. Sorry standardised. And the redemption partners are also diminishing.

  2. William Squires says

    There is absolutely no way Tesco will issue Nectar card points on their tills. Their stores will return to giving Clubcard points only on groceries etc in joint venture sites.

    There is precedent for this – Co-op do not currently give Clubcard points in their Esso sites. Similarly Sainsbury’s wouldn’t allow Eurogarages to issue Clubcard points in their franchised Sainsbury’s Local/Esso sites.

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