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Get 4,000 Clubcard points for £40 with a new Tesco Mobile offer!

It’s just like the old days …. a generous Tesco promotion to earn you a chunk of Clubcard points!

(You might remember the good old days before Tesco Direct and Tesco Wine closed down and we found amazing Clubcard deals on a daily basis.)

This deal is with Tesco Mobile.

Tesco Mobile is offering a generous chunk of Clubcard points when you order a pay-as-you-go SIM card and sign up for a Rocket Pack.

A Rocket Pack is a package of data, call minutes and texts which last for a month. There is no contract but your Rocket Pack will auto-renew unless you cancel it. You get the points with your first Rocket Pack, so only one payment is needed.

You could move your existing SIM over to Tesco Mobile if you are not in a contract. However, the smart thing to do is to:

order a new free SIM from Tesco Mobile

order a Rocket Pack

pop the new SIM in your phone – assuming it is not locked – and make a quick call to ensure it is treated as active

and then pop your normal SIM back in!

There are three Rocket Packs you can buy which come with bonus Clubcard points, each of which lasts a month:

Pay £10, get 3GB data / 500 minutes / 5000 texts and 1000 Clubcard points

Pay £15, get 6GB data / 1000 minutes / 5000 texts and 1500 Clubcard points

Pay £20, get 8GB data / 2000 minutes / 5000 texts and 2000 Clubcard points

Note that no other value of Rocket Pack will trigger bonus Clubcard points.

Here is the small print:

Available to new customers only with purchase & top-up of their Rocket Pack SIM or handset. For purchases between 25 February – 28 April 2019. Requires the linking of your Clubcard and Tesco Mobile phone number which can be done online at, points issued within 28 days of satisfying eligibility requirements. Points capped at 2000 depending on value of Rocket Pack purchased. Each Clubcard number is eligible to qualify only twice.

As you can do it twice per Clubcard account, the maximum number of points you can earn is double the limits I mention above.

I have uploaded a photo of the T&C’s here.

If you are wondering why I have written down all the small print, it is because the Tesco Mobile website is up the spout.

On the ‘SIM only’ home page (click here) you see this:

…. but that’s it! When you click through, there is no more information. Nothing.

All of the information I have published above comes from the Tesco Mobile concession inside the massive Cromwell Road shop, where I picked up a brochure and took some pictures of a promotional poster.

The rules make it clear that you can do this offer twice per Clubcard account. This would mean, if you ordered two SIM cards and bought a £20 Rocket Pack for each, you’d earn 4,000 Clubcard points for £40.

(Someone made a good point in the comments on HFP though. Whilst the rules say that you can do this twice per Clubcard number, are you actually a ‘new customer’ when you activate the 2nd SIM?)

Importantly, please note that the Rocket Packs roll over each month if you don’t cancel via the Tesco Mobile website.

And the situation gets messier:

The Tesco Mobile is screwed and does not allow you to insert your Clubcard number when ordering your free SIM. Whenever I try, you get this error message (this is not my actual number but you get the same message regardless):

Looking at the comments on HFP, some people are getting it to work. The call centre encourages you to sign up now to get your SIM and add your Clubcard number later via You must do this BEFORE you order your first Rocket Pack.

I assume that if you sign up via a Tesco Mobile concession in your local store this is not an issue.


What we have here is an excellent offer which allows you to pick up 4,000 Clubcard points per Clubcard for just £40.

However, the Tesco Mobile website is messed up in multiple ways. Not only is there no mention of the offer, apart from the banner ad above, some people can’t enter their Clubcard number whilst ordering their free SIM.

You may want to persevere now. Order a free Tesco Mobile SIM via the website here, link it to your Clubcard after you’ve registered it and then order your first Rocket Pack. You will still have met the terms of the offer as your Clubcard will be linked to the SIM at the point of ordering the Rocket Pack.

On the other hand, you might want to take the view that, as the offer runs to 28th April, Tesco Mobile may get things sorted out and perhaps you should wait.

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  1. I have just bought a new phone yesterday from Tesco.

  2. I checked with customer services and they confirmed the offer. Sent off for the sim, came a couple of days later. Activated it in a spare phone, set up a tesco mobile account and linked my clubcard, bought a £20 top-up voucher in store and bought a Rocket Pack with it. A couple of days later I got a text reminding me I would get 2000 points and to make sure I linked my clubcard account. Result! Has anyone done a second one yet?

  3. The first 2000 points have gone on the clubcard and I have now received a text about the other sim so hopefully the other 2000 will be on my cc in next few days. 9600 avios for £40 (legacy rate)

  4. I’ve had an absolute nightmare and no points. I got 2 sims, registered one and it forced me to setup a direct debit before I could topup. I topped up and contacted customer services and asked to cancel the direct debit, they said there wasn’t one! 3 days later another £20 came out of my account. I contacted Tesco mobile who were very rude and said it was my own fault for setting up a direct debit. Yet it wouldn’t let me continue until I setup a DD. They then said they couldn’t return the DD as it wasn’t showing on their system! I ended up contacting my bank and got the money returned and then received an email from Tesco saying that because the DD was returned they are taking the money from my debit card. So I’ve had to report my card as lost. On top of this no 2000 points! Absolute joke!

  5. Got first set of 2000 points 14 days after getting rocket pack. Very good!
    So just started 2nd process. Got rocket pack and opted out, made a call and will check back in 14 days.

    • Erico1875 says

      I’m not sure you will get the second 2000 cc points if you get the first lot. It says capped at 2000. This to me implies you could buy 2 £10 Rocket packs and get 2 X 1000 cc points but if you buy a £20 one then your 2000cc points will activate the cap.
      I would love it not to be the case, nuts that’s how I interpret it

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