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Tesco unveils exclusive discounts for Clubcard holders

In a significant change to Clubcard benefits, Tesco has launched ‘Clubcard Prices’, offering exclusive 15-50% discounts on selected products to all Clubcard holders.

Although Clubcard is a points-based system, this move may mean that Tesco is looking to transform the scheme into more of a members-only program, similar to how Amazon Prime members get exclusive discounts – although Clubcard, unlike Amazon Prime, remains free to join.

At the moment, there are around 30 products with discounts, which are set to change (and hopefully increase) with time. 15 items, including Nescafe instant coffee, have 50% off – a pretty good deal that is generally competitive with prices at other supermarkets. You can also get several condiments, including Heinz Ketchup, for half price as well as a few different cooking utensils and tools.

You can see the full list of discounts on this special page on the Tesco website here.

Conveniently, the promotion is available both in-store and online, and is added automatically at check out when you scan your Clubcard. The discounts are also available at all stores, including Tesco Express and Metro locations, so it doesn’t matter where you shop as long as the product is stocked.

It will be interesting to see if this move is successful.  Waitrose tried something similar recently with MyWaitrose but ended up dropping it – it generally caused ill-will with me, because I would often go in without my card and find myself buying something which would have been at a discount otherwise.  With Clubcard cards being accessible via the Tesco app on your mobile this should be less of a problem here.

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  1. Andy S says

    Can you get the discount via the pay qwik app as well? I’m guessing not as you can’t use other discounts here.

    Will the discount work using the hand held self scanners ?

  2. Andy S says

    Incidentally regarding my Waitrose I found it counter productive too. I only bothered presentong my card when buying items which were discounted, thus Waitrose won’t have my full shopping history!

  3. Kerry Kenton-Clarke says

    I can only assume that the prices shown on the ‘discounts’ page are the normal prices and one has to work out what the discounted price will be?! e.g. Nescafe coffees are shown as £4.49 each – which is the same price shown on the main web site – I have to go into Tesco today so I may check to see whether or not the products are marked on the shelves as eligible for Clubcard discount!

    • Lostantipod says

      Agree. The only thing in the list that I buy is the Buxton water, and it’s shown at the usual price, not a third off. Clumsy marketing, or, Tesco are back to their bad old habits…..

    • Kerry Kenton-Clarke says

      Ah – I just saw that clicking on a specific item brings up a separate page that shows the discounted price in a blue panel – bit daft as you’d think they’d show the discounted price on the main page (perhaps alongside the normal price)!

  4. Colin JE says

    A bit off topic but you mentioned forgetting your MyWaitrose card. This nows shows in the Waitrose app (certainly in iOS), and I’ve had mine stored for some time in the Bink app too, so even if you forget your physical card, you can get the discounted paper and coffee if you spend over a tenner.

    It will be interesting to see how they handle this discounting. I normally use my Pay+ app, for the extra point every £4 spent, but I’m not asked for this until payment. Will they say: “That’s £20” then after I have my barcode scanned, tell me the revised price that’s being charged? Or will they have to ask to scan the card or app before scanning my purchases?

  5. I purchased a jar of coffee that was clearly labelled on the shelf edge as being part of the promotion , scanned it at the checkout and the price was the full price until I presented my Pay+ app to pay and the price was discounted to half price. Didn’t use the hand held self scanner but as your Clubcard is linked to it I think it will work.

    • I have written to tesco to ask how it will work with Pay+ or if you gave to scan the clubcard app first and then pay with the Pay+ app but looks like it will work with just the Pay+ app. I shopped today and my till receipt had prices discounts for 53p and 48p off – i didn’t buy anything on the discount list and it doesn’t say which items were discounted!

  6. Kerry Kenton-Clarke says

    I just bought a couple of items in my local (small) Tesco and both items were clearly marked on the shelves as being Clubcard promotion. I used the app to pay and the discount didn’t actually show until after I’d made payment so at first I did wonder whether it was going to work!

    What I did happen to notice was that they are selling Landmann gas BBQs at half price for Clubcard hodlers – marked as £200 or £100 for clubcard holders. Interestingly, they’re not on the main Tesco web site or on the offers page and I didn’t make a note of what model to see what prices were elsewhere but I called the store and although there was no identifiable model number I did learn that it’s a Landmann Grill Chef 3-burner which seems to be priced at around £200 in a Google search.

    The Nescafe Alta Rica coffee at half-price is actually the same price (half-price) at Waitrose and only 25p more at Asda (didn’t check others)

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