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Caffe Nero leaves Nectar and a great value redemption bites the dust

Nectar and Caffe Nero appear to have broken up.

The coffee chain no longer appears on the Nectar website as a redemption option.

Why is Caffe Nero leaving Nectar a big deal?

Most Nectar redemptions get you a fixed 0.5p of value per point.  It is hard to do better than this, but one of the few options where you could was in Caffe Nero.

The deal worked like this.  You would redeem 350 Nectar points for any:

  • Caffè Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Macchiato
  • Americano
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Flat White
  • Tea
  • Frappe Milkshake
  • Frappe Latte
  • Frappe Crème
  • Fruit Booster
  • Italian Iced Lemonade

at a Caffe Nero store.

Here is one tweak many people missed. The deal was valid on any size of drink.  If you are using a voucher, order a large size!  Extra shots or syrups will be charged.

Caffe Nero

The good news is that the discount was ‘genuine’.  There was no other open-to-all way to get a discount on a Caffe Nero drink so you were saving the full retail price.

You even got a Caffe Nero ‘stamp’ on your loyalty card with your free drink, as you would if you paid cash.

If you went for a large capuccino at, say, £2.65 then you would be receiving 0.75p per Nectar point.  With some of the frappe drinks you were hitting £3 for a large size.  This was getting you close to 1p per point, a substantial improvement on 95% of alternative Nectar partners.

The real shame is that no notice was given.  Caffe Nero vouchers were valid for 12 months once you had ordered them, so Nectar cardholders would have been able to stock up if they were told in advance.  This is a pretty shoddy way to treat members.

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  1. Best to wait for Christmas Double Up then when you get 1p per point (every year?).

    Shame no eBay 50% rebate for the last couple of years.

  2. Best to wait for Christmas Double Up then, when you get 1p per point (every year?).

  3. Truthbetold says

    At least this means I will be less tempted to buy the full on frappe cremes worth £3.95 (1.25p per nectar point incl the Nero stamp)

  4. Truthbetold says

    Is a summer special coming?. Vue Cinema tickets for 500 or was it 1000 nectar?

  5. Gutted!! Apart from cinema tickets, this is all I used to use Nectar points for!! I have about 5 vouchers stocked up but that’s it!! Not sure whether this is down to Nectar or Nero so annoyed with

  6. Stephen Jones says

    I contacted Nectar regarding Caffè Nero and they have confirmed that due to a technical issue they have had to suspend the issue of vouchers but they will be back soon. They also said they have no plans to end the Caffè Nero partnership.

  7. DAMN! I got 20 the last time Nero was on offer and now down to my last 4. Where do I complain?!

  8. Simon Cross says

    I sincerely hope they do come back and thagt the Christmas promotions also happpen when you got one voucher for 250 points.

    This was the only worthwhile value in Nectar – heaven alone knows what i do with £80 plus worth of points now?

    • Agreed. Capped at 20,000 points though, I’ve got 34,000 points to burn. I’m not in a hurry to earn any more of them, that’s for sure!

  9. The_Real_A says

    The larger drinks didn’t receive any extra coffee over the regular size… you you ended up with a very weak drink.

    There really is NOTHING going for nectar right now. I will cash out at the next double up, but most likely i will have bought what i want before that time!

  10. Matthew Goode says

    This tweet suggests it may just be a technical issue:

  11. There were a number of technical issues. Firstly, so I am told. It was only meant to be the iced drinks (iced Latte) not the premium iced drinks frappe etc. Secondly, the vouchers were not working, which is a pretty big deal. This happened to me, and while Nectar refunded back the points, it is obviously a problem.

    I think they need a different technical solution. I’d rather get sent a code then the voucher could be loaded into the Caffè Nero app.

    • Pretty sure the T&Cs did state iced frappes? They certainly worked for the regular ones although I had some fails when they launched the pistachio one last year. However, for some reason the T&Cs on my remaining coupons won’t open – probably linked to the issues.

  12. Coffee lover says

    I have been in touch with Caffè Nero and your post appears to be untrue – CF tell me Nectar simply ran out of codes and the offer will reappear soon!

    • Jason Britton says

      Not the first time this has happened, so disappointed that SP Jumped to a conclusion.

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