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Everything you need to know about Tesco Clubcard Plus!

On Friday 8th November, Tesco will be launching its new Clubcard Plus proposition. You may already have heard about it in the newspapers.

tesco clubcard plus

The idea is that, for a small monthly fee of £7.99 you get a range of benefits on Tesco products. Here is what you get:

10% off two monthly shops, up to £200 each

10% off F&F, Fred & Flo, Go Cook, Fox & Ivy, Tesco Pet and Carousel brands all year round

Double data on your Tesco mobile contract

Exclusive access to a Tesco Bank card with 0% foreign transaction fees

These are on top of the usual benefits you’d get from a ‘standard’ Clubcard, including points earning and spending, as well as Clubcard Prices which was launched earlier this year.

Whether these benefits are worth the £7.99 a month you are paying depends on your personal shopping habits. If you spend £100 on groceries a week in a single shop, you would save £20 per month. That would mean, disregarding all the other benefits, that you were saving £12 a month.

If you find yourself buying lots of Fred & Flo nappies or F&F school uniforms from Tesco, then you may also make back the £8 a month you spend.

There is no fixed answer, so you will have to work out yourself if you will save any money upgrading yourself to Clubcard Plus.

The other problem is that many of us are moving away from big weekly or monthly shops, choosing to nip around to the local shop more often. That’s why out-of-town supermarkets are becoming less popular and Tesco Express, Metro and other Supermarket mini-brands are becoming more commonplace.

If you’re someone who spends a little every day, rather than a lot once a week, the 10% discount on two monthly shops becomes less compelling.

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  1. Would there be restrictions on items that are included in the 10%discounts? I spend £2/300 once or twice a month on alcohol and soft drinks. Is this likely to count?

    • I believe alcohol is included, although not the ones where you already get a 25% discount when buying 6 bottles!

  2. Is this website still running? There’s been news of a Sainsbury’s double up promotion coming soon for the last 2 days, I would have expected to see it here!

  3. How do they decide which 2 shops get 10% off, is it the first 2? Otherwise they’d catch me when I sneak in for some chocolate without telling my wife

  4. Mr(s) Entitled says

    Tesco website says that the 10% off is in-store only. That is a pretty big limitation for those who use the delivery service unless I am missing something?

  5. I signed up yesterday. All very straightforward. We do all our shopping in Tesco and currently doing inlaws as well. There is a list of restrictions but food and drink including alcohol is included. You choose in the app which shop you want to redeem your voucher for to get the 10% discount then you can click through to pay with Pay+. We also have our 3 mobile phones with Tesco and have done so for many years. Very easy to connect with Plus and select which phone to get the double data which will come in handy for us when we travel in our caravan. You also get double CC points for this phone too. A no brainer for us really as we use Tesco for everything anyway.

  6. surely the basic question as to whether it works for you is:
    Do you do two £40 shops a month in Tesco ?

    £40 x2 x 10% = £8

    If you definitely do that, then the extras will result in you being in the money.

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