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Sainsbury’s ‘double up’ Nectar promotion starts TODAY

If you were planning on using your Nectar points for some Christmas shopping, you’ve just struck the jack pot! Sainsbury’s annual ‘double up’ promotion is launching today, which means you’ll be able to get twice the value from your Nectar points when spending them on certain items.

For example, if you have 5,000 Nectar points, the double up promotion will give you 10,000 instead.

The 11 categories where you’ll get extra value are:

  • Cosmetics
  • Electricals
  • Entertainment
  • Fragrance
  • Gifts
  • Homeware
  • Seasonal goods
  • Skincare
  • Taste the Difference wine, champagne, sparkling wine, sherry and port
  • Toys
  • Tu clothing (including footwear and accessories)

How does it work?

There are two stages to the promotion.

First, you must get your double up vouchers before shopping. You can either do this online, between 30th October and the 5th November, getting paper vouchers in the post. Or you can do this in the Nectar app, between the 13th and 19th November, with digital vouchers. You CANNOT convert your points into double up vouchers instore.

Once you have your vouchers, you can head to your nearest Sainsbury’s and spend them in-store, between the 13th and 19th November. You CANNOT spend them online.

Other things to bear in mind

You can get up to £100 in vouchers in this promotion per Nectarcard. That would mean you have 10,000 points in your account before double up as every point is worth 0.5p.

You cannot use the vouchers at Sainsbury’s Local, petrol stations or Argos at Sainsbury’s locations.

If the value of an item is more than the voucher you have, you can pay the rest on top. But you CANNOT split a voucher over multiple transactions. You have to spend it in one go.

Go to the Nectar website and log in for more details.

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  1. ”You can get up to £100 in vouchers in this promotion per Nectarcard. That would mean you have 50,000 points in your account before double up as every point is worth 1p.”

    Nectar points are normally worth 0.5p. In a “double up” promotion they are worth 1p. So to get £100 in vouchers in a double up promotion you would need 10,000 nectar points instead of the usual 20,000.

  2. Great news that this promotion is happening again this year. In my mind this confirms we can consistently value a nectar point at 1p and not 0.5p as is always quoted. HFP doesn’t assess the value of an avio based on the worst possible redemption so I don’t know why it’s standard practice to do that for nectar points.

    It’s a shame however that this year it’s limited to £100 which has reduced from £200 last year. As the reader above noted this requires 10,000 points (not 50,000).

  3. I see the error I pointed out in the article yesterday still hasn’t been fixed. I know ShoppersPoints is much less of a focus for Rob & Rhys than Head4Points but I’m disappointed that there is apparently no monitoring of comments or follow up.

  4. The_Real_A says

    When it says “you cannot convert instore” – i’m assuming you can fill up your trolley and then double up on the app in store? Or does not this work somehow?

    Also – i wasn’t aware until recently that you cannot redeem nectar points in a particular store unless you have made a previous purchase and scanned your nectar card previously.

    • Correct – you can via the app. But you can’t go to a cashier and say that you want to double points – you have to get the voucher online or in app yourself.

  5. The_Real_A says

    So… is it possible to load up your trolley in store and then exchange on the app?

    Also – until recently i didn’t know that you couldn’t redeem unless you had made a purchase (and scanned your nectar card) in that specific store previously.

    • It was always the case.

      No idea what happens now it is is App driven. I’m liking the “scratchcard” for every purchase though.

    • I am expecting that from 13th you can exchange your points in the app and get a barcode that the cashier will scan.

  6. Petty West says

    Why is it only some people receive double up points?

  7. Does anyone know if 2 x double up vouchers can be spent in one transaction? For example, if I have a £100 voucher and so does my partner, can we buy something for £200?

  8. Margaret Thompson says

    This is going to make things difficult for some people particularly the older generation like myself. It was so simple to double up your points in store, when you have a good system that works very well WHY CHANGE IT ?

    • I think they’re just trying to rip you off. the fact you have to apply for vouchers in advance, it is quite likely once you receive them you can’t find anything you want to spend them on! Doing it on the app is better, as you can go to the store, choose something first, then get your voucher electronically, but the app seems broken for me any many others. Just a load of hype, and not worth the bother

  9. i can’t see any way in the Nectar app to “double up” .. is it hidden away somewhere, or does it mean that i haven’t been selected for this offer ?!

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  11. I am 72 years old and do not have a smart phone or anything other than my husbands PC.
    Have only just discovered about double up Nectar points but have no smart phone etc. to download an app.
    The fact that no other means are available to double up points discriminates against the elderly, learning difficulties, the poor and others without smart phones. Not a good way to treat loyal Nectar customers who are unable to access the offer.

    • I disagree

      There was a way to get paper vouchers – via the web – that covers those that don’t have smart phones. It’s unfortunate that you missed that but it’s still not discrimination.

      If using the app was the only way then you would have a point but there are two methods so there is no discrimination

  12. Did this last night, in case this is of interest to anyone. I was looking for some Taste The Difference prosecco.
    – Went to my usual Sainsbury’s, signed out a “Scan & Go” scanner, headed over to the wine bit and checked that the prosecco I wanted was in stock – wanted to do this before I loaded up the points to the double up voucher, just in case.
    – Plenty there, so filled up my trolley with enough bottles so that I hit the £100, in this case £104
    – Went to the Nectar app (while in store), clicked through the “double up” offer on the app, couple of clicks, went to the max of 10,000 points = £100. Instantly loaded to my phone/gave me a code ot use.
    – At the Scan & Go check-out I needed the lady to put in her code first – she said that this was “nothing out of the ordinary, but that they needed to do this for the double up to work”. Once she had done that I scanned the double up code on my phone, paid my £4 and that was that.

    Seemed to work nice and easy for me. I was a bit dubious beforehand and so just took a trolleyfull what I needed for the double up (ie the prosecco) rather than a full mixed basket of stuff, but it felt like it would work fine with a mixed basket.
    The check-out lady said that I was the second customer she’d had who had done exactly the same thing (ie full double up) with the same prosecco that day.

    • thanks for that

      I’m going to my big sainbury’s tomorrow but didn’t want to convert until I know if they have what I want so good to know it’s instantaneous on the app.

  13. Brian Oneill says

    don’t own smart phone at 85 yrs how can I double up my nectar

  14. Brian Oneill says

    I don’t own a smart phone at 85 years how can get my double points

    • you could have done it online via the web – but that method ended on the 5th november as they needed to send the vouchers to you.

      • Lots of the elderly do not have or understand computers or smart phones. Clearly a proportion of the nectar card users are discriminated against and are unable to take up the offer, often the poorest in society.

        • BrightonReader says

          so how did Brian manage to post on here then?

          He obviously has access to a computer and the internet …

          • Doesn’t Brightonreader understand that there are lots of people unable to comment or utilise the offer as they do not own or understand computers or smart phones. Regards one person, Brian he is correct.

  15. Probably being daft but can’t find the option on the app! Any pointers appreciated thanks.

    • I didn’t see anything either so I logged out and then logged on again and it appeared.

      • thanks, I’ve done that and the “sainsburys” offer section has disappeared as well. I’ll remove and re-download the app!

        • still doesn’t work. seems i;m not alone after a couple of google searches, tried to get help via “live chat” but was number 157 in the queue so CBA!

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