How to earn Tesco Clubcard points with Esso

You can earn Tesco Clubcard points when you fill up with fuel at Esso or make a purchase in its shops. It is complicated, however, with different rules depending on whether the Esso garage has a Tesco Express store attached. These articles explain how the Tesco Clubcard / Esso partnership works and highlight special offers for earning more Clubcard points at Esso.

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Earning Tesco Clubcard points at Esso – this is how it works

Esso and Tesco have been working together for years, with Tesco now running the convenience stores attached to the majority of Tesco garages. Over time, the offering has broadened out.  A couple of years ago, for example, you began to earn points on Esso petrol […]

Take an Esso car wash and get 100 Clubcard points!

Until April 28th, which gives you another 12 days, Esso is running a bonus Clubcard points deal when you purchase a ‘top wash’ at participating garages. A top wash, in the language of Esso, means: A top wash means a platinum car wash where available […]

Earn double Clubcard points at Esso garages

Esso is currently offering double Clubcard points at all garages which accept Clubcard points.  This attractive deals runs until December 22nd. There are the usual earning rates at Esso garages: 1 Clubcard point per £3 spent if the Esso garage has a Tesco Express attached […]

Clubcard points now available at ALL Esso garages!

Many Esso service stations across the UK have a Tesco Express store attached.  You have always been able to earn Clubcard points on your shopping at these garages, as well as earning points on your petrol purchase at the rate of 1 point per £3 […]

What is the best way to earn Clubcard points when buying petrol?

Earning Clubcard points when buying petrol should – in theory – be a pretty simple one.  Fill up, pay, and drive away with your stash of Clubcard points. If only life was that simple! Working out the best way to earn points is actually painfully […]