Tesco Clubcard and Nectar credit cards

Do you have a Clubcard or Nectar credit card? You can choose from two types of Tesco Clubcard credit card, a Sainsburys card, the American Express Nectar card - which has a VERY generous sign-up deal - and the American Express Gold card, which also has points which convert to Nectar points.  You can receive up to 20,000 FREE Nectar points for signing up to the American Express Nectar or Gold cards.  Full details of all these cards are on this page. Below you will see all of our recent credit card articles.

Get 1,000 FREE Clubcard points with the Tesco MasterCard when you apply via a secret link

(This offer has now expired.  You can still apply for the card using the links below but there is no bonus at present.) If you are making a New Years resolution to take a fresh look at your finances, you may be rethinking which credit […]

Get 1,000 FREE Clubcard points with the Tesco MasterCard when you apply via a secret link

Tesco Bank is currently offering a sign-up bonus of 1,000 extra Clubcard points when signing up for a Tesco MasterCard via certain partners, including Shopper Points.  You won’t find this offer on the main Tesco Bank website. The credit card that qualifies for this deal […]

Offer extended – Get 5000 Nectar points (with a catch) when you take out the (free) Sainsburys credit card

Sainsbury’s Bank has three different Nectar-earning MasterCard cards. Most of the time, we don’t think much of them here at Shopper Points when looked at purely from a points earning perspective. One version offers a low rate on balance transfers, one version has a low […]

Coming soon: Get £5 back on £10 purchases using Amex when you ‘Shop Small’

If you have an American Express credit card (we’ve reviewed the Nectar American Express credit card here), you can make big savings on your Christmas shopping from this Saturday until 18th December with ‘Shop Small’. American Express is the major UK sponsor of a scheme […]

2500 Clubcard points on the £150 Tesco Premium Credit Card – worth it?

(EDIT, January 2016:  this article is now out of date as the sign-up bonus of 2,500 Clubcard points has ended) We don’t really discuss credit cards on Shopper Points and leave this to our sister site Head for Points.  However every now and then is […]

Buy travel money with a Tesco credit card and get up to 56 days free credit

The Tesco Clubcard credit card became a lot less interesting last year when Tesco Bank cut the earning rate to 1 Clubcard point for every £8 you spend. The card is still worth getting because it currently offers 1,000 Clubcard points as a sign-up bonus […]

Get 40,000 Nectar points for taking out the (first year free) Amex Nectar credit card!

Nectar has launched an exceptionally generous sign-up bonus with their American Express credit card.  This offer is targetted but appears to be available to a large percentage of Nectar cardholders. In general we don’t cover credit cards on Shopper Points a lot. If you want […]

Got an Amex Nectar credit card (or other Amex)? Check out your cashback deals

One of the benefits of having the American Express Nectar credit card is being able to sign up for regular American Express cashback deals. These run throughout the year.  Each is usually worth £5 or £10 or £20 and you would be surprised how quickly […]

Tesco Clubcard credit card with 0% balance transfer deal for 40 months

The Tesco Clubcard MasterCard is obviously worth a look if you want to boost your Clubcard points.  At present, you receive 1,000 bonus Clubcard points for signing up via this special link. It is, of course, nowhere near as generous as it was.  Since December 2015, it […]