Morrisons More Points

Morrisons More Points is the new loyalty scheme for Morrisons supermarkets. We will review it in more depth as More Points becomes more popular - but as you can only redeem More Points for a cash discount off your shopping it is not attracting a lot of interest. You will also see articles below on Morrison Fuel Saver which has now been closed.

Should you get a Morrisons More loyalty card?

I’ve tried finding a good extra points offer for today’s article, but wasn’t very successful. Instead of sending out a blank email, I thought I could take a look at the Morrisons More card. I must confess I’ve only shopped at Morrisons about three times […]

6,250 Morrisons points with gift cards

There was (‘was’ … not ‘is’) a time when Tesco had a good Clubcard offer with gift cards. For every £50 spent on gift cards you got 150 Clubcard points and as there were (and still are) no base Clubcard points to be earned on […]

Morrisons scrapping Fuel Saver on gift cards – earn more points (which are worth less) instead

Back in January Rob wrote about how to save on fuel by purchasing gift cards (for other shops!) at Morrisons. This is how it works: When you buy a gift card at a Morrisons supermarket, you receive a Fuel Saver voucher Every £10 you spend […]

Save on fuel by purchasing gift cards (for other shops!) at Morrisons

Morrisons does not usually get any coverage on Shopper Points.  There is, however, one little quirk about shopping at Morrisons which a lot of people don’t know about. Morrisons has a scheme called Fuel Saver.  It even has its own dedicated website at This […]