How to earn and redeem Starbucks Rewards points in the UK

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The Starbucks / Amex offer returns – Spend up to £15, get up to £5 back

Back in May Starbucks was doing a cashback promotion offered by American Express that was a bit confusing. Now the promotion is back, but the rules are clearer. As long as your Amex-issued American Express card has been selected for this offer, until 31st December […]

The Amex / Starbucks cashback deal – this is how it ACTUALLY works

A couple of days ago Anika wrote about a new cashback promotion offered by American Express when you use your Amex card at Starbucks. In order to enjoy this offer, you do need to have an American Express credit or charge card which is directly […]

Spend up to £15 at Starbucks with Amex and get up to £5 back

Even though we live in the country famous for its tea-time, most of us do appreciate a cup of freshly brewed coffee (or don’t function without it) and American Express has teamed up with Starbucks to help us justify our coffee intake. Until 19th June […]

Starbucks US is changing its rewards program to revenue based – is the UK next?

As I mentioned in January when Starbucks had their ‘Go Straight to Gold’ promotion, I am not the biggest fan of Starbucks and their loyalty program. For various reasons (and probably NOT because of my post!), Starbucks USA is trying to make their My Starbucks Rewards […]

Starbucks – Go straight to free instant Gold status this January!

I remember the early days of the Starbucks card.  (Yes, we are wandering a little off-topic on Shopper Points today!) Having to pre charge the card with money to pay for your coffee seemed a little bit odd back then. However, as this meant I […]