Tesco Grocery and Tesco Delivery Saver special offers

Tesco has occasional special offers for signing up to its Grocery delivery service or for Tesco Delivery Saver. These articles explain how it works.

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300 extra Clubcard points with Now TV smart box or stick

Tesco has launched another Now TV extra Clubcard points offer! If you are familiar with Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick, Now TV works in the same way. It connects wireless to your broadband signal and allows you to stream content to your TV. As […]

Tesco has launched another Fuel Save promotion – get 10p off every litre fuel

Tesco has once again launched a new Fuel Save promotion which is a great opportunity to fill up your tank with a great saving. This is a little bit surprising as the last promotion happened just two months ago. Nevertheless it’s always great to save […]

100 extra Clubcard points with HP ink at Tesco Groceries

Tesco Groceries has launched another extra Clubcard points offer which cannot be found on Tesco Direct. Until 7th January you will get 100 extra Clubcard points with selected HP ink. The good thing about this offer being available on Tesco Groceries is that you can […]

250 – 500 extra Clubcard points with Braun Shavers

Today’s extra Clubcard points offer is not at Tesco Direct but at Tesco Groceries which means you might be able to pick it up whilst doing your food shopping and/or save delivery cost if you add it to your food delivery. Until 31st January you […]

16 – 20 extra Clubcard points with HP printer ink

No, I did not forget a zero in the title. Today’s extra Clubcard points offer is truly not exciting at all. Until 26th February you will get 16 extra Clubcard points with HP 364 printer ink for £9.99 and 20 extra Clubcard points with HP […]

Double Clubcard points with wine and fizz

Tesco Grocery and Tesco stores are currently running a ‘double Clubcard points when buying wine and fizz’ promotion. How fanatstic that Dry January is finally OVER and we can start stocking up our wine shelves again! Until 14th February you will get 2 points for […]

350 extra Clubcard points with KitSound headphones

Slightly odd, but after having written about the KitSound headphones with 75 extra Clubcard points on Monday another extra Clubcard points offer with KitSound headphones turned up – but with 4.6 x as many points. Until 1st March you will get 350 extra Clubcard points […]

100 Clubcard points with HP ink and photo paper starting from £6

And Tesco is once more giving out extra Clubcard points with ink! Until 15th January you will get 100 extra Clubcard points when buying selected HP ink and photo paper. The prices range from £6 to £48 and a couple of inks have sold out […]

50 – 150 Clubcard points with Energizer torch and lantern

Tesco Grocery doesn’t have many extra Clubcard points offers, but every now and then there are products that can be added to your food order and will help you improve your Clubcard points balance. This one is not the most exciting offer ever, however the […]