Tesco Wine special offers

Tesco Wine sells over 1,000 different wines by the case. There are often very special offers or discount codes available for Tesco Wine which we feature here on Shopper Points. The best deals offer 1,000 Clubcard points for placing an order - sign up to our email list to be notified of the next promotion.

The Tesco Wine website is here.

Another (!) Tesco Wine code – 1000 extra Clubcard points, the best so far this year

And they keep coming. The last wine code has only just expired and Tesco Wine is throwing a new one at us. This one is actually much better than the last few and I’m sorry if you’ve already stocked up your wine cellar (or cupboard). […]

Last chance for extra Clubcard points with Tesco Wine (wine cellar sale still on)

Tesco Wine has been releasing quite a few bonus Clubcard points codes over the last few weeks and just before the current one expires, another code has appeared. When I checked last night, the 750 points when spending £150 code I wrote about on 26th January […]

Another Tesco Wine deal – 750 Clubcard points on £150 spend, 1000 customers only

No sooner had the old Tesco Wine deal disappeared from the scene at midnight on Sunday, a new code has appeared. This is an exclusive deal which Tesco Wine has arranged with WinesDirect.  This is an interesting website I hadn’t seen before and which summarises […]

LAST DAY for 500 Tesco points on £100 of wine; other point offers still running; quarter end is here!

The Tesco Wine promotion I wrote about on Thursday was one of the most popular offers we have covered on Shopper Points so far.  I thought it was worth running through it again in case you missed out. Currently there are two offers worth mentioning […]

Bargains in the Tesco Wine Cellar Sale – plus 500 extra Clubcard points!

Dry January is coming to an end, so why not stock up on some nice bottles of wine? Currently there are two offers worth mentioning at Tesco Wine: the Wine Cellar Sale and 500 extra Clubcard points on orders over £100 before 24th January. Looking […]

Last bonus before Christmas? 500 Clubcard points with £60 wine spend

I make it a little under six weeks to Christmas.  If your wine stocks are running low, this could be the ideal opportunity to stock up and knock something off your festive shopping list too. Via a tie-up with moneysavingexpert, Tesco Wine has launched a […]

500 Clubcard points when you spend £60 at Tesco Wine

Tesco Wine has launched another bonus points deal.  This is not as generous as some we have seen recently, but as Christmas gets nearer I would expect the offers to become less generous. Via moneysavingexpert.com, Tesco Wine is offering a specially negotiated code.  This is […]

1,000 Clubcard points with a new Tesco Wine promotion

A new Tesco Wine code has been launched. This is a good one: it is open to everyone, whether or not they are an existing Tesco Wine customer the minimum spend is low at just £60 you can order anything, even sale items On the […]

Another 1,000 Clubcard points code for Tesco Wine!

Via moneysavingexpert.com, who clearly have a lot of negotiating power with Tesco Wine, another exclusive ‘bonus points’ code has been launched. As with the January deal, you will receive 1,000 Clubcard points when you spend £60 at Tesco Wine. It is valid for new and […]

800 Clubcard points with £60 Tesco Wine spend

If your wine stock is looking a little low after Christmas, help is at hand. For the next three days, until the 18th, you will receive 800 Clubcard points with any £60 spend at Tesco Wine. You can even use the code when ordering their […]