Buy or sell discounted gift cards with Zeek

Zeek is an innovative online marketplace allowing you to buy or sell gift cards for almost all High Street and online shops. You can sell unwanted gift cards you have been given, or buy gift cards for your favourite stores in order to get a discount on your shopping. Our articles on Zeek cover any special offers they are currently running.

You can sign up for Zeek via this link.

Trouble at Zeek – many users are owed money as the company is looking for a buyer

We have covered the gift marketplace Zeek a few times here on Shopper Points.  The concept of being able to sell unwanted gift cards and save some money by buying them below face value appealed to us. However, it looks like the company is in […]

£10 free credit if you spend £100 on ZEEK gift cards

Yesterday the Tesco website was down for a while and I couldn’t look for extra Clubcard points offers, but as there haven’t been any exciting offers over the last few days anyway, I’ve decided to focus on ZEEK’s Black Friday offer instead. You will get […]

NEW – Redeem your TopCashback cashback for Zeek vouchers

Back in October we wrote about the new option to redeem Quidco cashback for Zeek vouchers. Now TopCashback has launched the same offer. What is Zeek? If you are not familiar with Zeek, Zeek is basically a platform where you can buy and sell gift […]

NEW – Redeem your Quidco cashback for Zeek vouchers

Quidco has added Zeek as a withdrawal option which will help you maximise your cashback. If you aren’t familiar with these companies, in short Quidco is a cashback site like TopCashback and Zeek is a website where you can buy and sell gift cards. What […]

Save money on gift cards and win up to £500 with Zeek

You might remember Zeek from a couple of posts at the end of last year. After Tesco scrapped their Clubcard points offer with gift cards we introduced Zeek as a good platform to save money on gift cards and sell unwanted ones. If you buy […]

Sell unwanted Christmas gift cards with Zeek – or get 10% cashback if you buy some

We did an article on Zeek, the online giftcard marketplace, a few weeks ago.  I thought it was worth another mention today as you may have received some gift cards for Christmas which you honestly can’t see yourself using. Zeek is a platform where you […]

Buy and sell discounted gift vouchers at Zeek

Time to get over the fact that Tesco doesn’t want to give us Clubcard points with gift card purchases any longer and move on ……! If you still want to get a discount on your shopping by purchasing gift cards at less than face value, […]