What is the best way to spend Tesco Clubcard points?

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What is the best use of Tesco Clubcard voucher? What is the best value Clubcard points redemption? What is the best Clubcard Boost deal? Hopefully Shopper Points can help you answer these questions!

The Tesco Clubcard website lists all Clubcard deals by category.

You should remember that the headline Boost figure is often not the whole story.  Most Clubcard Boost deals come with some terms and conditions which may reduce the real value you receive.  There may be a limit on the amount of vouchers you can use, or you may not be allowed to combine vouchers with other promotions.  There are some excellent deals to be had using Clubcard Boost but do read the small print first.

This list was correct as of 21st January 2019.  If you notice any changes, please e-mail me at anika@headforpoints.co.uk and I will update it.

Receive THREE TIMES the face value of your vouchers:

There ARE some very good deals in the ‘three time the face value of your Clubcard vouchers’ list. Goldsmiths and Eurotunnel, for example, are rarely on special offer.

Some of the holiday companies impose a cap on the maximum number of Clubcard vouchers you can use per booking. This can be awkward if you have a large number of points.


Eating out:


Home & Essentials:



The following deals are harder to value as you are exchanging a set amount of points for a voucher for a specific product or service. Check the linked page for more details.


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