How to earn more Tesco Clubcard points

Learning how to earn more Tesco Clubcard points (and how to spend them most effectively) is what Shopper Points is all about. Our regular articles show you the best ways to earn more Clubcard points. The list below show you the best Clubcard offers which have run recently, each of which allowed you to earn a big Clubcard point bonus.

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Tesco launches new Fuel Save promotion – get 10p off every litre fuel

Tesco has launched a new Fuel Save promotion which is a great opportunity to fill up your tank with a great saving. For every £60 you spend at Tesco, you can save 10p per litre of fuel How does it work? You must spend £60 […]

Bonus Clubcard points on fuel with Tesco Magazine coupons + free coffee

The chances of finding exciting bonus Clubcard points these days are slim to none. With the closure of Tesco Direct they seemed to have simply disappeared. The whole maximising points game is a little bit boring at the moment (which is also why there was […]

Double Clubcard points on Esso Synergy Supreme+ premium fuels

Tesco and Esso have brought back their double points with Synergy Supreme + premium fuels. Until 31st August 2018 filling up your tank with Esso Synergy Supreme+ premium fuels, will give you double the amount of Clubcard points.   Esso Synergy Supreme+ Diesel and Synergy […]

Last few days to buy from Tesco Direct before the page shuts down for good

At the end of May Tesco announced the end of Tesco Direct and the countdown for the closure of the website has now begun. In just four days Tesco Direct will disappear forever – and maximising Clubcard points might become even more difficult than it […]

Get 1,000 FREE Clubcard points when you get the free Tesco Mastercard!

There is a generous extra Clubcard points offer currently running with the free Tesco Clubcard Mastercard. We don’t often see a sign-up bonus on the free Tesco Clubcard Mastercard so this deal is well worth a look. Tesco Bank is currently offering a sign-up bonus […]

How to earn Clubcard points recycling old printer ink cartridges!

I realised this week that it’s been two years since we last covered printer cartridge recycling on Shopper Points, so I thought it was worth a quick look today. In years gone by, this was a fantastic deal. There was a very long list of […]

How to earn Clubcard points with Esso

Tesco and Esso have been working together for a few years and Tesco is now running most of the convenience stores attached to Esso garages. This means that as well as earning Clubcard points when you buy things in the store you also receive Clubcard […]

What is Clubcard’s Christmas Saver plus changes to Shopper Points

Shopper Points changes frequency Ever since Tesco announced the closure of Tesco Direct on 9th July we have been struggling to find good content. This is why we have decided to reduce our 5 articles per week to 3 a week. We believe publishing less […]

Get 5000 Clubcard points for getting the £150 Tesco Premium Credit Card – worth it?

We don’t really discuss credit cards on Shopper Points and leave this to our sister travel loyalty site Head for Points. However every now and then there is an offer on loyalty credit cards with generous sign up bonuses of Clubcard or Nectar points and […]