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Thank you for visiting Shopper Points. This page explains more about the site, about Anika and Rob, and about what you will find if you become a regular reader (which we hope you do!).

What is Shopper Points?

Shopper Points helps you earn free or low-cost Tesco Clubcard and Nectar points.  

We also show you how to get the maximum value when you spend your points.

Every day we write about exciting Clubcard and Nectar bonus point promotions and special offers.  We also feature the best offers from Boots Advantage Club, Debenhams Beauty Club and any other loyalty deals we find interesting.

This site is 100% independent and has no formal relationship with Tesco, Nectar or any other group.

Who writes it?

Shopper Points is written and edited by Anika and overseen by Rob.

Anika is a fully paid-up member of the multi-tasking economy, with fingers in various writing, acting, voiceover and directing pies.

Rob is editor of Head for Points, the UK’s largest site for collectors of frequent flyer miles and Avios points.  If you collect Clubcard points to convert to Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles then you should follow Head for Points as well.

How can I receive Shopper Points?

The best to way to read Shopper Points is to bookmark www.shopperpoints.co.uk.  We publish a new article every weekday.

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How can I contact you?

Click here for our ‘Contact Us‘ page.  If you find a great deal we’ve missed, please let us know.  If you work in the media and want someone to comment on retail loyalty schemes, we’re happy to help you out.